Samsung Galaxy M32 goes official with 90Hz AMOLED display and 6,000 mAh battery

21 June 2021
First sales in India start on June 28.

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SigmaR, 23 Jun 2021170 euro, what did you want? A SD888? lol... some people huh?

  • Anonymous

show me, if I buy a M series 32, that I can kill somebody or somethings with it. Then I will buy this phone for no lesser than $800

  • Munna

Having fingure print sensor for Samsung M32

  • Amir faraz

Gagan, 23 Jun 2021Is this 5g smartphone or 4gIt is 4g not 5g

  • AnonD-1003038

It's not that bad. Only annoyance is the eMMC 5.1 storage. eMMC is always soooooo slow and it'll cripple the G80 chipset even further as a result.

Anonymous, 22 Jun 2021dont go for redmi note either latest miui 12.5 update is garbageuse a custom rom

  • Gagan

Is this 5g smartphone or 4g

Anonymous, 22 Jun 2021Samsung calls them king of tech even mock apple but don... more170 euro, what did you want? A SD888?

  • Jhay Jhay Hustler

6,000mah large battery

  • Anonymous

Samsung calls them king of tech even mock apple but don't hesitate to put 2year old SoC and call it tech

  • Pal

To be honest, it's one of the best smartphones by Samsung. It offers an amazing mediatek processor at a very low price.

  • Anonymous

anonymous., 21 Jun 2021Same look like M30, M31, F41, M32 cheap processor better g... moredont go for redmi note either
latest miui 12.5 update is garbage

Yet another recycled Samsung ODM phone

  • Anonymous

fun fact chipset doesn't even support 90hz

  • Amit Tiwari

It's nice smartphone of Samsung Galaxy M 32 instead MI phone

  • Roy Mathew

Samsung phones midrange are a joke and mockery to the middle class people , it's like owning a Mercedes but u don't have enough petrol.
Why can't the company provide a decent charger..?
Why does the cus6 need to buy a separate charger...?
What a joke

Oki, 21 Jun 2021Considering that it's a samsung phone that has one of ... moreThe issue here is not MIUI vs OneUI but the pricepoint that this phone is being sold. Software can be improved but it could never compensate for the hardware handicap. Expensive G80 with EMMC compared to a much cheaper SD678 with UFS 2.2? Only die-hard Samsung fans would even say that this is good for base variant of 4/64GB sold for 200USD. OMEGALUL.

This is DOA here in our region

M32 4/64GB 200USD?

Redmi 9 4/64GB is only 143USD same with G80 SoC as M32.
Want AMOLED? Redmi Note 10 4/64GB is only 145USD.
Want 6000 mAh? Redmi 9T 4/128GB is only 134USD.

All these Redmi phones I bought for people that asked me for the best phone for the price.

What does this M32 stands for? Best phone for a ripped-off price specifically tailored to milk entry-level Samsung die-hard enthusiasts?

  • Nope

Anonymous, 21 Jun 2021Sorry bro, can't accept your comment. Using M30s for t... moreSamsung M30s is not even 2 years old, so how did you already use it for the last 2 years? Congrats if your phone is really problem free. But many others that complained at Samsung Community are not as lucky as you.

  • Anonymous

Nope, 21 Jun 2021The A32 4G using same G80 chipset is already having hiccups... moreSorry bro, can't accept your comment. Using M30s for the last 2 years and didn't face a single issue like Slow down, restart or laggy interface or stutter. Will use the handset till die..