Doogee unveils S97 Pro, a rugged phone with 8,500 mAh battery and Samsung 48MP main camera

22 June 2021
The phone has a laser rangefinder with a range of 40 meters and 8 measuring modes.

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Nice phone 😍

James.D, 22 Jun 2021Before you go and reinvent the wheel, make a good phone fir... moreThis phone is not for you or the average gamer, though. It is made specifically for builders and construction workers who would very much rather have a laser rangefinder and an 8500mAh battery and put up with a 720P display than a diddly little Xiaomi with a 1080P display but lesser battery and not really work-friendly features.

  • John

And it would be a matter of time before Mrwhosetheboss made another video about rugged phones and throw the phone using a golf stick.

Before you go and reinvent the wheel, make a good phone first. The rangefinder is something that not many people will use, and those who do, can do without. A full HD display though, is something that everyone will use. The s95, s96, and now, the s97 are good phones, but the Full HD display is a deal breaker.

Sad it's not with bigger storage. 128gb (100gb available) isn't much today.

And then again, the os is probably full of bloatware and lacks all kinds of support.

  • Anonymous

Yeah should not have skipped that infrared night vision camera for useless macro depth..apart from it nice specs for a rugged phone

  • Anonymous

What is a laser range finder anyway

It needs Infrared/thermal camera instead of stupid macro and depth