Realme GT 5G Master Edition is in the works

23 June 2021
Like previous Realme Master Edition smartphones, this one is also expected to be designed by Japanese designer Mr. Naoto Fukasawa.

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Good job realme keep spam releasing athesame phone. And ahh yes realme x9 Pro master edition concrete version. No thats not how u do it. It should be realme x9 Pro max ultra master edition concrete version and onion version 5g

    • W
    • Woohoo
    • 7kk
    • 23 Jun 2021

    As much as I love these "special editions', can someone put some sense into these people & help bring OIS first.


        • Z
        • Zubu
        • XUy
        • 23 Jun 2021

        Waiting for a glossy white edition like x2 pro

          • ?
          • Anonymous
          • PZa
          • 23 Jun 2021

          More onion and brick phones. I love it.

            just release in India already we don't want to wait till November

              underway...! since 4th June :D it's very long :O

                • R
                • Rkm
                • DkQ
                • 23 Jun 2021

                " X9 pro master edition concrete version " ,
                They could've easily added 5g and named it 'X9 pro 5g master edition concrete version'. Amateurs.

                  • ?
                  • Anonymous
                  • Hxe
                  • 23 Jun 2021

                  please include micro sd card slot, please and 1 tb option internal memory

                    X9 Pro Master Edition Concrete version, ahah, really? They forgot to add Note Pro Plus in the name..