Tecno unveils Phantom X - its first premium phone with 50MP main and 48MP selfie cameras

24 June 2021
And that's a large 1/1.3" sensor on the back, joined by a 50mm portrait cam and an ultrawide module. There's an ultra wide selfie camera too.

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  • Happy socks

I tried to get 1 around my country RSA since it was released on July 2021, even now Im still looking for it, they named many stores but its not available yet

  • LoveLIFE

It is what theye said it it ... JUST got mine and am happy i risked it!

great device, the specs it carries are really wow

hmm, 24 Jun 2021Thats Redmi note 5 ai dual cam with 4000mAh battery and for... moreI also have that phone for two long years. It degraded 20% for that period according to accubat

Lusasi Nzaywa, 25 Jun 2021What do you mean, infinix and tecno are pretty much the sam... moreYes Tecno is infinix dummy 😑

  • chris

the cameras on this phone are really awesome, perfect for any form of photography

  • chris

the cameras on this phone are really awesome, perfect for any form of photography

  • chris

the specs of this phone will be something entirely, this is really a must have

  • Idara Chris

Phantom X after how many years!

This is one device have waited for a while.

Great specs.

  • Idara Chris

Kido kiv, 27 Jun 2021What's the price I saw 228k in one of their post.

  • Anonymous

Was expecting a 5000mah and above for that class

  • Ruby

The phone is so beautiful and with great specs. I will sure get it

  • Jay da lyrics

Omo this is fresh and classy... People saying shit about the specs should buy and use first

  • Kido kiv

What's the price

  • Anonymous

I would likely to buy it soon

Minu, 26 Jun 2021Actually blackberry is by TCL (Alcatel), not TranssionI know transission now are they not infinix tecno and itel.

Anonymous, 25 Jun 2021high quality cameras on phones are for those people who wan... moreOoh please shut up.. "clearly"
I have smartphone from October 2018 and making crystal clear normal ordinary photos
I think you have something with eyes when u need constantly new and new fake gimmick which isn't anything new isn't any much better.. 🤷‍♂️ You brainwashed by Internet 🥴

Everything is good on this phone for flagman status except MediaTek Helio G95 chip is ok, but it is built for mid-range.

Anonymous, 26 Jun 2021Not a person mentioned the price, what are you coming at? The article mentioned its a premium phone so price is upper midrange at least

  • Manoj

Area Bishop, 26 Jun 2021How much does it costPhone is cost and lunch date