Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 and Z Flip3 leak in official-looking renders

24 June 2021
The Fold3 seems to have a hole-punch camera on the inside screen.

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  • Power User

Looking forward to Fold Z 3. Any oppo, vevo, Huawei, Mi, OnePlus flagship can last longer than ten months? I don't think so, I don't think so???

Anonymous, 28 Jun 2021What talk?The same people that initially leaked the information about the UDC.

  • Anonymous

PepperPot, 27 Jun 2021The talk I'm reading is it will have a UDC. Since the ... moreWhat talk?

Jojo, 25 Jun 2021This is now the 10th flagship phone that was supposed to ha... moreThe talk I'm reading is it will have a UDC. Since the technology is new Samsung is deliberately showing a camera so people will know a camera is there.

The UDC is a big deal. Forget ZTE for a moment. They rushed to be 1st like Huawei rushed the MateX. I think Samsung is going to grandstand this tech. They will present a pic of the phone showing a camera. The order of this may differ, but after they will show selfie pic's as they talk about the camera. Then the presenter might say something like "and this comes from our 1st Under Display Camera". The pic will transition into what the phone actually looks like and everyone will go crazy as if they didn't have a clue.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Jun 2021Sorry I meant the FLiPbased

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Jun 2021I’ll buy the fold if there’s a panda pixel 2xl version. Sorry I meant the FLiP

  • Anonymous

I’ll buy the fold if there’s a panda pixel 2xl version.

Kingslayer, 26 Jun 2021Samsung should just copy the external display of the Motoro... moreIt just me but I think that display on flip 3 is better than RAZR, I mean it's just enough to see glance notification, playback button, and maybe viewfinder for cameras. I mean why need bigger if we can do exactly the same thing in more compact size. The more compact external display also makes the design is less-boring I mean If the whole back is filled by secondary screen there wouldnt be a dual tone color, or maybe sacrificing camera module for smaller sensors

  • Axrin

Tat great..i ‘m waiting

  • Dean

Assuming this could be the Z Fold FE. I mean they've just started to put FE in their tablet, the fold might have it as well. Puch hole camera and the back camera array like the cheap A series.

  • Aakassh

I have been using iphone since it was launched, these days there is no such innovation except bragging on privacy, the Fold looks amazing and the day there is no crease in middle, and IP certified for dust and water it will be my mainstream device.

This is trully innovation.

Anonymous, 25 Jun 2021Well if it wasn't there many people would complain as ... moreTo be fair, it's useful for video chats on the big screen. I can't imagine making a video call on that 21:9 front display...

  • AnonD-889996

Looks likely there will be no Note series announced

Samsung should just copy the external display of the Motorola Razr. 🤦🏻‍♂️ I really don't see the practicality from foldables. Before, I did. I wanted Razr so bad but it lacks wireless charging.

The most useful of the two is the Fold. But I never cared for using tablets and I've owned iPads before.

  • Anonymous

What's the point of a company leaking its material? It's tired and contrived at this point. It's not as if anyone believes that some thried part leaked those anyway, so they are fooling anyone.

So just properly release them like you used them. Cut the whole "leak" BS, it is a digenuous and makes everyone look Stoopid (those doing the leaking, i.e. the 1st parties, those reporting it knowing well it is not a real leak and those reading it pretending to be incredulous)...

I mean, come on, leaking is so last decade. New decade, new rules, a find a more exciting way to make people interested (like ... I don't know, actually innovating?)

  • Anonymous

Is it dual SIM. Waiting long for this

  • Priyotosh Mahanta

pralea, 25 Jun 2021the razr still looks betterNo how you like that the flop phone
It look like un user friendly 🤪🤪

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Jun 2021Looks like anti glare screen display inside isnt it...also ... moreWell if it wasn't there many people would complain as they don't realise investing in one camera is more better compared to divinding your cost in 2 cameras

  • Jojo

This is now the 10th flagship phone that was supposed to have an under screen camera and did not. So far only the Axon has a Gen 1 version that is not very good. The first one that can make it happen will replace my Oneplus 7 Pro.

  • pralea

the razr still looks better