TCL teases an affordable 5G phone at the MWC, there's a 5G tablet in the works too

25 June 2021
The phone may be called the TCL 20 5GT and will cost less than the €300 TCL 20 5G. 

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  • Anonymous

tcls rep is steadily rising, hope they stock the SEA market too

  • Anonymous

Any1 knows a 5G device with a clip on non sealed back? I really have no need for water resistance but just want an easy removable back.

  • Anonymous

200 euros? Sign me up lol!
Hopefully it comes with the Dimensity 700.

  • DaveM1977

TCL have launched a few tablets over the past year but none seem to be available to actually buy! (at least in Europe)

  • AnonD-977150

Got a TCL 20L phone here atm been using it the last 2 weeks and it's great battery is phenomenal, UI is clean and fluid.