Samsung Galaxy Buds2 leaked images reveal design and color options

26 June 2021
Samsung could launch these in early August alongside the new Galaxy watches.

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  • Anonymous

Since apple released light colorful iphone 11 its been a massive success. and they followed similar approach with ipad and imac, and planning for colorful new macbooks. Since then samsung is following similar approach with releasing devices with light colorful shades.

  • ndal

Anonymous, 26 Jun 2021Bad option to have only white outer cases.This is intentional to boost additional revenue from soft case sales

  • Anonymous

I wish they kept the rubber wing tips of the original buds. These were frankly perfect for staying firmly in the ears and just so comfortable, that the design should just be kept as it was, just improve the sound quality and you're golden. Well, perhaps for the Buds 3, it's not like original Buds owners will be in a hurry to upgrade.

finally more color options ,
the green one looks interesting.

  • Anonymous

Bad option to have only white outer cases.