Samsung Galaxy S21 FE certified by FCC with 45W fast charging

30 June 2021
The charger won’t be included in the box, however.

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  • Sims

I'm using samsung mobile for years now. . The famous problem of auto restart and flash screen struck has been a basic phenomenon for now launched phones , that too no clear response or rectification from Samsung. . I still believe this upcoming mobile will also have same issues. . Think before you Bus a samsung mobile

FINALLY with the fast charging, Samsung.

FINALLY with the fast charging, Samsung.

notafanboy, 30 Jun 2021Are you for real? Maybe you should try to use real argument... moreAnd what did I said before about "smartphone brands aren't stupid enough not to include a wireless headphone or earbud during the pre-order promotion"?:

Better luck next time. 😏😘

  • Aju

Samsung is always network issues catching network very poor with other mobile

Rkm, 30 Jun 2021Since it's Samsung, it'll probably be USB pd. It ... moreI agree with you. I see a lot of third party chargers that can do 30W to 50W charging with PD support no problem at all, so it is more sustainable rather than buying a separate proprietary charger for a separate phone.

M1, 30 Jun 2021what's wrong with type-c headphones?Not all phones support audio output through USB-C. Sounds crazy, but it happens even for phones without a headphone jack.

The Android Freak, 30 Jun 2021Price is very important. It should be very aggressive consi... moreThat is a good point. Last year's S20 FE was sold for $699, which is $300 cheaper than the cheapest S20. Since this year's S21 starts at $799, I would expect to see lower pricing than the S20 FE. $599 would be sweet. If Samsung can be daring enough, they could sell it for $499.

KondriX, 30 Jun 2021A niche feature? I wouldn't buy a smartphone without 3... moreIKR! It was because of the audio quality from my LG V50 that I completely stopped embracing wireless audio altogether. Even to this day, I don't even slightly miss Bluetooth headphones or earbuds at all.

notafanboy, 30 Jun 2021Not clicking your suspicious links. Better luck next time. :)Your life really must be sad for saying "suspicious link". You don't even bother to do a check on the website reliability. That really shows how bad your reading comprehension. No wonder why people laugh at you. :v

Anonymous, 01 Jul 2021This. One cannot justify the removal of the 3.5mm jack. Wha... moreIKR! So much for the "environment sustainability". If they really want to be sustainable, do what Fairphone is doing! They make a phone with stupidly easy repairability and modular hardware interchangeability. That is a true sustainability movement.

  • Rohit

Woohoo, 30 Jun 2021I'd gladly choose the excellent Zenfone 8 over this, a... moreYes

  • Shravan

Don't ever buy Samsung phones it's waste of money

  • Anonymous

YUKI93, 30 Jun 2021I really find it funny you say such a corny thing. If anyth... moreThis. One cannot justify the removal of the 3.5mm jack. Whatever Apple and Samsung say about it being obsolete is simply trash. That's just sales pitch to justify their shitty tws and grab more money from the herd.

I'm a tws user myself, but I truly believe in having a choice. There's so many great wired earphones and headphones out there that can only be used with dongles now. How about e-waste? Throwing away wired sets and un-repairable tws is a good thing? Apple and Samsung are actually encouraging e-waste now got the sake of their fat profits.

No jack no charger and plastic made for 700 bucks.
Samsung really loves to kill their product even before it can be sold.

  • Anonymous

Reza.ermantraht, 30 Jun 2021My s20FE wont charge with 25watt super fast charging, Ive c... moreMake sure the charger is original. The market is full of fake Samsung chargers, even on Amazon.

  • Anonymous

chris1998, 30 Jun 2021That's true... Let's make slowly killing phone ba... moreThis does not happen, at least with 65W charging. Please stop spreading false information.

  • Same

Wonderful if GOD gives me I would able to make video of more than 16mb.This new one GOD'S GRACE.

  • Woohoo

I'd gladly choose the excellent Zenfone 8 over this, and I think more people should too!

  • Woohoo

notafanboy, 30 Jun 2021Again, what percentage of people are actual audiophiles?Certainly small, but you know what is large-the % of people who don't care about such things, some willingly, some are dumb, some tech illiterate or don't know stuff.
But these people make it worse for everyone else