Some Xiaomi TVs and smartphones in India are now 3-6% more expensive

01 July 2021
This is due to the global chip shortage and increased shipping costs

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Bobbi.Digitals, 01 Jul 2021Maybe stop shitting in the streets & bathing in pollute... moreWhat? Come on man how does this get greenlit by the moderators? See how bigoted that comment was? Let's not speak ill of any country like that dude chillax

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Phones keep Going Android one Is coming back!!!

  • Bobbi.Digitals

Anonymous, 01 Jul 2021In india even electronics are deemed as luxuryMaybe stop shitting in the streets & bathing in polluted rivers and act more civilized and things like electronics will become normal and not deemed luxury goods. Maybe some good advice I don't know.

ha! I knew the price release was too good to be true. it was just a teaser cost, then once released keep raising prices with excuses.

  • Anonymous

In india even electronics are deemed as luxury

  • Anonymous shark 4 pro!!!

  • Anonymous

It would have made sense if Xiaomi charged higher at launch and then later dropped the price by 1K instead. Surely they could have foreseen this coming.

  • Anonymous

5g makes phones pricier.

Redmi note price hike is 1000 rs . How it 3-6% ? Its almost 10% increas 😞

looks like India economy is still fine,, thank goodness

  • gringo

manufacturers are the guilty themself .. they make useless smartphones and TVs that no one will buy !!!