Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G 360-degree video gives us an even clearer look

01 July 2021
The Galaxy Z Flip3 5G comes in four colors, has three cameras and two displays.

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the flip feels liike an overpriced gimmick IMO, it does not make sense , what is the point for this orientation folding style?

  • K

YUKI93, 01 Jul 2021Not impressed with the outer screen. I thought that it will... moreThey will include it in the next version. They or any company will keep aside some features for every model in order to entice people to upgrade.

ProMaster96, 01 Jul 2021Im not talking about the girl. If you look at the old desig... moreYour last sentence perfectly explains what the Moto Z Flip, Mate X1, X2 and the MS Duo does better. They look more like one device wheres Samsung Folds look like two pieces stacked on top of each other. I think the difference is the hinge. Putting the Duo aside for obvious reasons, the hinge appears to be part of those phones and it basically goes unnoticed. With Samsung the hinge does not flow seamlessly and it prevents the phone from closing flat like the others. It looks better on the Fold 2, but it still needs work.

It won't prevent me from getting the next Fold, but for anyone that prefers the candy bar design look at this concept That's the direction it should be going. Maybe a little smaller though.

Omg, 01 Jul 2021So samsung is going back to the 90'The 90s were the peak of human civilization =D

  • hideous

That gap (when the phone is closed) isn't going away?

Omg, 01 Jul 2021Ugly,, the fold 2 and 3 are still better...that design look... moreIm not talking about the girl. If you look at the old design, there was a kind of small raised fins on the middle bottom and top edges of the phone when unfold and when the phone is folded the fins act as a cover for the folded screen gap which in modern design f2 and even f3's render would still be visible and prone to sand in pocket. Also when its folded the old design looks like one single solid phone, unlike modern fold's which looks like a 2 phones stacked together.

  • Rakesh

Fayth, 01 Jul 2021the gap... still thereU know after previous flip the only thing that was pissing me off was the plastic cheap and wide frame of inner screen. On my black one it was full of micro abrasions and scratches unlike the "soft and vulnerable screen" so i qm happy its smaller. And fold 2 had no such problem. U dont feel that gap and its comfy to open it. Gonna buy it for sure but later when it drops 30% after first 2 months of not successful sales

  • Omg

ProMaster96, 01 Jul 2021Still waiting their original design vision of fold phone ba... moreUgly,, the fold 2 and 3 are still better...that design looks somehow like huawei foldable
And no, if you think girls will like you for the phone...dont take the commercial for granted

  • Omg

So samsung is going back to the 90'

After busy pretending to be Apple, now Sammy pretend to be Pixel phone. while Pixel phone gained a new look. this endless chasing might lead somewhere Sammy, keep trying!

the gap... still there

I dunno, similar folding mechanism means similar screen issues 6-12 months down the road. I hope "ultra glass" is gone, but doesn't seem like it.

Still waiting their original design vision of fold phone back in 2013, they had more true fold able phone design than this literary a galaxy phone that is folded.
Take a look at this beauty and compare them to current fold design. I think the old one is much more true foldable phone design.

  • Anonymous

Samsung seem to be aiming this more at the iPhone 12 market rather than trying to make it a 'premium/Pro' product. Makes a lot more sense as the full feature-set isn't quite there. I hope they price it accordingly.

The leaks are making this and the Fold 3 better, after each better visual of the device. These devices have some great designs. I may finally move to a foldable or two. I hope the cameras have been improved even further. And I hope rhe Fold 3 can be used as a great productivity tool. The Notes are great at that, though I wished the screens were slightly larger.

This can't be real Samsung - it doesn't have cutout in secondary screen! :D

Not impressed with the outer screen. I thought that it will have a similar outer screen size to the Motorola RAZR 5G.

Alex, 01 Jul 2021Everything's great, but will it have dex?Previous Z Flip does have Wireless DeX, but no word about wired DeX with cable. In fact, I never see anyone ever did it to this day.

  • Alex

Everything's great, but will it have dex?