Instagram is no longer a photo-sharing app, says company head

01 July 2021
Will focus on video and entertainment going forward.

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Anders, 02 Jul 2021Tumblr is 99% nonsenseAs is the case with any social media platform in existence today

ispitonyourgravy, 02 Jul 2021Professional writing isn't quite GSMArena's stron... moreGranted, it happens sometimes with GSMA.
But this time, Adam Mosseri himself said so exactly, word to word, so GSMA isn't exactly wrong here.

Nah, it's a tiktok video sharing app. They try to call it reels, but every single video is a cropped tiktok video.

"Will focus on video and entertainment going forward."

I mean, they are the ones who made vertical video mainstream because of IGTV. Not that I would watch vertical videos anyway.

AnonD-1004713, 02 Jul 2021Apps like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok shows me why... moreDo you remember "Friends Reunited"?

ispitonyourgravy, 02 Jul 2021Boy am I not surprised. Like Tumblr, it's become a ven... moreTumblr is 99% nonsense

Samath N8 808 owner, 02 Jul 2021I think what he means is, "Instagram is no longer JUST... moreProfessional writing isn't quite GSMArena's strongest suit

Anonymous, 02 Jul 2021So all social media apps become same smh..insta used to be ... moreHis facebook co-owner, Chris Hughes, once called him out on it:

Boy am I not surprised. Like Tumblr, it's become a venue for softcore porno, if not wholesome pics

  • i

people dont actually post like "hey i want my friends to see this" anymore, its become "ill post this cause its my brand" - that, the ads, the tiktokish videos, and the extreme explore page algorithm just got me out of it

Honestly the only thing I use instagram is to check photos captured by a certain phone or camera using hashtags. Flickr is good but content is way less. But even that is getting ruined because people are putting other device hashtags in everything.
Still there are some actual good photographers too who post good pictures.

  • AnonD-1004713

Apps like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok shows me why I've become anti social.
I had around 350 friends on Facebook back in the day (10-12 years ago), when the app was actually a good app to meet and interact with new people.
Nowadays are just a bunch of politically based apps where triggered people go to put r~tard or sexually orientated videos/photos.
You should be lucky to find 10% of their content any useful.

  • Anonymous

instead its now a haven for conspiracy nutjobs and political pages just like facebook

  • Anonymous

Ehh who cares I got off awhile ago its been going downhill for the past couple years anyways
The UI just gets more and more confusing to use smh

  • Mat

Everyone wants to follow tiktok success

  • coy

So you could never see or post photos anymore? WTF?

Just like facebook

No its not a photo sharing app,it's pornography sharing app now

damn you tiktok

I think what he means is, "Instagram is no longer JUST a photo-sharing app".

How people mess up English!