Samsung Galaxy Watch4 and Watch4 Classic prices leak

02 July 2021
The Classic model will have a price tag comparable with that of the Watch3, but the vanilla Watch4 will cost more than the Watch Active2.

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  • Naomi

I'm hoping Unified OS will be enough to justify the higher price tag, but honestly at this point the Apple Watch is looking like a better deal.

  • Hg

They want to collect user data while making the user pay a premium for their products. The data collection nightmares continues into this decade. Samsung pushing Googles OS does not make sense unless some info on this deal is not open to the public.

  • Ahmed...

No thanks i will go for watch 3 instead with fair price..

Ghostwolf87, 02 Jul 2021That is beyond just nuts for prices.And yet people will buy it

That is beyond just nuts for prices.

Yeah... No thanks

And they still don't put Sapphire glasses on these super expensive watches

  • Anonymous

Galaxy watch 3 looks better than watch 4

  • iComment

Wow Samsung is getting greedy like Apple.

  • Anonymous

DMX, 02 Jul 2021I already see them giving away those watches even with the ... moreEven apple is abusing...

I already see them giving away those watches even with the refrigerators and washing machines hahaha that only works for Apple, but pay 500 dollars for an android watch? jajajjajajjajajajajaajjjjja

F you, Samsung. That's a ridiculous price range.

  • Anonymous

No thanks every company will start listing prices like a car