Amazfit GTS 2 Review

04 July 2021
We test one of the most feature-rich smartwatches from Amazfit.

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  • Anonymous
  • IiB
  • 26 Mar 2023

Fabulous review. Thank you so much. Great job. Loved the photos of watch faces. All so good.

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    • cyn
    • dNZ
    • 26 Nov 2022

    MladenJ, 12 Nov 2021Can I take a shower and wash it under running water and swi... moreI swim with it a lot for more then year and they are fine, so you should be able.

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      • Mango
      • YPe
      • 07 Oct 2022

      This is not perfect for ios phone .

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        • MNk
        • 0kE
        • 01 Feb 2022

        Hi everyone
        I have a reasonable expectation from Amazfit:
        Why gts3, although it does not have a speaker and no internal memory, still has the ability to Voice-Memo and calculator, but gts2, despite having a speaker and internal memory, is deprived of having  Voice-Memo and calculator?
        Of course, I discussed this with the office of Amizfit, but unfortunately they did not give me a convincing answer.
        While they can add these applications to gts2 in a few hours with two or three lines of coding and programming and a few kilobytes of updates to satisfy the customer.

          Can I take a shower and wash it under running water and swim with the Amazfit GTS 2

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            • Chirag Gajare
            • KAX
            • 07 Sep 2021

            If we set an alarm, is it possible to hear the ringtone from its speakers or will it only vibrate.

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              • Yousuf
              • PAm
              • 11 Jul 2021

              Javed Isaac, 08 Jul 2021180$Need to purchase but price too much higher.

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                • Nkdk
                • D0b
                • 11 Jul 2021

                I like it

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                  • Javed Isaac
                  • ITL
                  • 08 Jul 2021

                  Nasim Chowdhury , 05 Jul 2021How much price is this product 180$

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                    • Anonymous
                    • Nue
                    • 08 Jul 2021

                    How much it's

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                      • Anonymous
                      • pYM
                      • 06 Jul 2021

                      Good basic watch gadget. to check your notifications and have battery for most of the working week, plus some sensors for basic tracking and some features like Alexa.. Not bad... 4 days battery is nice . I got a zepp e on ebay for 60£ couldnt be happier

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                        • Nasim Chowdhury
                        • fxH
                        • 05 Jul 2021

                        How much price is this product

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                          • Anonymous
                          • sve
                          • 05 Jul 2021

                          I have a GTR 2
                          Any alert / notification that enters the clock after reading is automatically deleted from the clock
                          It's terribly annoying !!!
                          Please from AMAZFIT please release a firmware update that fixes this issue

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                            • Anonymous
                            • TRF
                            • 05 Jul 2021

                            Forget it already mediocre gadget

                              Nothing against best value champs, but I wish there would be less of copycats. Why not release triagonal/hexagonal/wide/superwide/.. watch... is milking money using ''the same'' design cool? You wear that.

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                                • Levy
                                • q{r
                                • 04 Jul 2021

                                No point of cramming features like heart rate monitor and Sp02 sensor in the watch if they are going to give inaccurate data! I'd buy a FitBit much sooner than this.

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                                  • Anand
                                  • U@c
                                  • 04 Jul 2021

                                  Battery life is nothing worst than iWatch....when one of your earlier watch model can give you almost one month of battery life then why not this ? One should improve or go reverse ?

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • uGP
                                    • 04 Jul 2021

                                    As an Amazfit user of an earlier model, I find it 'really annoying' that they are unwilling to get rid of the bezels; there is probably 6+mm of bezel on Amazfit watches wasting the valuable screen real estate. This watch "looks like" the smooth edges eliminate the bezel but it is there and unnecessary.
                                    The Zepp APP is also woeful and there is no "APP Store" and you can't get any updates after what is installed on the unit when you buy it. All in, it is a waste of money; there are better choices out there. Buy or Bye? Bye Bye!