LG Tone Free DFP8W bring ANC and up to 24 hours of battery life

02 July 2021
The latest TWS earbuds from LG come with a UV light case that cleans their silicone tips and speaker mesh.

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  • excitedbutwhy

sound quality and performance aside, I applaud LG for using their expertise on other household items (fridge comes to mind) and applied that knowledge into these earphones. I absolutely loved the idea that germs and bacteria will get killed whenever I put the earphones back into their case/charger case. Loving it so much.

Anonymous, 02 Jul 2021You could get a sony xm3 for that moneyAnd how is this LG any worse than Sony's earbuds? Seems good, and since it supports both ANC and AptX means it uses a high end Qualcomm audio chip, the only other product in the market with such Bluetooth audio chips are this LG and Tronsmart Apollo Bold, this last one is comparable to Sony's xm3 and it's cheaper.

Anony, 02 Jul 2021AptX alone makes it a winner paired with SD SoCs. Absolutely yes, Aptx with SD SoC is seamless and stable

  • Vinay

I'm using LG tone 7 since 3months it's call quality is too good while driving. And sound quality also great.... Battery 🔋 backup also pretty decent.....

Amazing indeed. I've heard of UV cleaning boxes and we all know TWS. LG just combined them.

I think its needed because depending on environment we travel in, we do catch bacteria, virus and germs.

Now the thing is, while we take a bath everyday or maybe even clean our phones with alcohol rarely, our TWS aren't washed that often... so this is just great!

Naenka's earbuds are also paired via Bluetooth 5.2

Naenka's earbuds are also paired via Bluetooth 5.2

This actually sounds pretty good..but i will only buy on a black friday sale because i know these can go for 150US easily

  • Anonymous

My brother bought almost new true wireless earbuds today. Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2. Everything is great. Pretty good sound quality, deep bass, impressive noise isolating, good materials, useful app, very comfortable, decent battery life, touch controls, beautiful design, sweet resistant. Overall feels very smooth. It is a steal for that price. Check it out guys.

Tone deaf? Great name for earphones.

I know ear health is important but is UV cleaning really necessary? Personally I don't share earbuds with strangers at all, unless that's the appeal for some buyers.

  • Anonymous

You could get a sony xm3 for that money

  • Anonymous

No more LG products for me...

  • Anony

AptX alone makes it a winner paired with SD SoCs.