New ZTE phone with 55W charging certified by 3C - likely the Axon 30

03 July 2021
We are still waiting on a new Axon with an under-display camera and this might just be it.

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Dudenoway, 06 Jul 2021Oh and I found another alternative tho for now it sonly an ... moreThere are tons of alternatives, I don't listed them all, only those who looks the same as the underdisplay camera.
If you go to the drone route, there are also detachable camera, one from Vivo which has a working prototype, this is probably from this that they get the drone idea (as it is also from Vivo) :
And a patent from Oppo and Xiaomi :

Or this one where they already have concept art of the modularity :

There are so much interesting concepts, that's why it is sad that in the end we only get punch holes and teardrop notches and soon only underdisplay cameras.

Demongornot, 06 Jul 2021Of course, it won't affect them, you know why? For th... moreOh and I found another alternative tho for now it sonly an idea and not under development as they have to think of cons. The thing is thta the make a tiny little drone that has 2 sensors(or 3 or 4 maybe idk) and 2 cameras and t flies out so u can take photos. I saw an article about it. It was from vivo and I think only con maybe is that it could need to get charged. But it could charge from the phone battery and after all it wouldn't require like 1-2k mah and only a like a few hundred mah so

Demongornot, 06 Jul 2021Of course, it won't affect them, you know why? For th... moreFine fine u Make a point OK. Ur comment is too long for mee too to rmemeber the whole thing so I'm doing shortcut. Here is the thing
I know ur shak g that u need diversity. But each one of em have its own cons. Yes pop up may not have one but still chances are it will have its con. Oh OK I see so ur saying u can't se through a non trasnperant blah blah. AND they can't record videos with the ud camera without u knowing. It's impossible unless they do some software trick(i know u will give links I ignore them so no need) also look at xperia it has bezels but it's bezels are just thick enough for the camera but the only sensor that would fit is the 8mp sensor thta Sony uses which has bad quality compared to others. Well 2+2 junk is basically junk and everyone knows it. Just know it's only for aesthetics an d it real use. Plus depth camera helps with portrait shot. And about cars who cares

Dudenoway, 06 Jul 2021The fact that U have also found nothing but gsmarena to com... moreOf course, it won't affect them, you know why?
For the EXACT same reasons why the smartphone industry is the ONLY one who don't care at all what consumers want and don't even care about demand :
Because EVERYTIME someone says he like X or Y tech that isn't the trend, he gets people like you having to try to ruin it.
You who often read GSMArena must know it by now, how many times someone has talked about bezels, pop up camera, telephoto, or any innovative tech or idea without people trying to find excuse to bash it?
So yeah, the more people like you, or your friend "Mediatek sux" react negatively to what I say, I'll do it increasingly more to compensate, because, in the end, if no one answered me just to complain that I gave alternatives to underdisplay camera (and initially I wasn't bashing on it, I was simply saying that better solution existed), I wouldn't "ruin" the comment session.

The smartphone industry past a time did listen to users, it is literally a job to read what customers want and are interested into, but since the smartphone community is so toxic and always complain about whatever isn't the trend and try to burn down everyone who dare dislike anything that is trending, how can you manage to genuinely know what is actually liked or not by people?
You can't, except by spending way too much time trying to figure out of people reacting negatively to an innovative idea is because the idea is genuinely bad or because they just want something to complain about.
Result :
We have stupid things like 2Mp macro + depth camera on most middle range smartphones despite the community hating it, no real alternatives to punch holes and notches currently available despite a lot of people genuinely disliking them, sub 12Mp sensors despite that for a while they tried everything to avoid getting under this industry standard resolution, lack of 3.5mm Jack, lack of telephoto on many phones, no continuously variable zoom, etc, etc.
All new smartphones are basically the same with only minor variations, diversity is dead, and things that people want is clearly ignored, you even get to see things going as far as OnePlus making a poll asking if people want the 3.5mm Jack with the vast majority saying that yes, only to remove it :

THIS is the smartphone industry now, the ONLY ONE who have so much potential for diversity, and yet have all products being all the same.
Think about cars, which cost more, are more complex, take more times and R&D and require more certifications to be made, if they did the same we would only have SuV and Pickup Trucks available in the market, except one brand doing Berlines, all with the SAME options, motorization, fuel type, same power, same size.
Yet, this market still listen to its customers, and so we have a lot of size and shapes, from long and large to shorter and smaller, some special cars that only few unique models are made, models that are mass-produced.
Every type has a lot of size and shape variations, some SuV are tiny compared to the bigger ones, you have tons of engine options, from power to fuel type, sport, luxury, affordable, comfort, etc
On top of that, you have countless options, obviously many are standard, but there also are many that the buying can customize, or different packages for already made cars.
THIS is how basically EVERY markets works, except the smartphone one.
And with underdisplay camera, it is like if they decided to replace the rearview mirror by a livestream in 5G (with its current, low coverage and short range) of a 3D model of the city and the road rendered in real time, just so you don't get the sun and car lights to blind you, while I simply point out that it is stupid, has many flaws, and simply using a camera on the back of the car with a chip that reduce the glare would give better results.

All that because people can't accept that products that don't match their tastes exist.
The funny part is that what I do with the underdisplay camera, many constantly do it to other stuff, like bezel or pop up camera, but someone it is legitimate, and we shouldn't say anything to them...
Yeah, sure, and the worse in this is that they already have the WHOLE FRICKING MARKET available to them with their beloved punch hole, but no, they NEED to try and destroy the pop up or bezel because one phone that they would never buy even if it had a punch hole like they want, don't have it.
But when doing the opposite, the last phone who had a pop up or a bezel, we point out that it now have a punch hole, yeah, suddenly we are the hater...
Sure, so in the end, if people didn't act like that, the smartphone industry wouldn't be a mess, and we would ALL have techs we want, this Does INCLUDE the underdisplay camera.
Because believe it or not, I don't want a market WITHOUT underdisplay camera, what I don't want is a market where EVERY PHONES have it.
If this tech was good, yeah, I wouldn't mind, even without the privacy, if at least it didn't leave a visible square on the display and provided a good quality while being affordable, I wouldn't fight it.
But not only it has this flaws while alternatives doesn't, but on top of that, it will be expensive as hell, flagships will suddenly get above 2000¤ and people will complain, and I'll be here laughing at the ridiculous price tag caused by the cost of year of huge R&D that need to be pay back.

People laugh at Nokia who constantly say they will release a new flagship since several years but constantly push it back, the underdisplay camera is in the exact same situation, for obvious reasons, yet people still think it is the best thing ever...
If in 3 years, there isn't any good ones, and they simply ditch the tech because they finally realized that they can't get things done with it, I'll laugh so hard.
They even go as far as wanting to use neural networks to rebuild the image because of how bad the quality is, yet no one still see the issue...
Regardless how much you'll improve the tech, it will always be a bad idea, the concept itself is a bad idea.

So, yeah, I'll keep "ruining" comment sessions about the underdisplay camera, because people literally need to be prevented to hurt themselve.

Demongornot, 05 Jul 2021Sorry to "ruin" the comment session by trying to ... moreThe fact that U have also found nothing but gsmarena to comment and blah blah

Plus yes ur teaching lessons of thta ud camera is bad but thta won't stop giant companies tos top using it or even the average Joe who doesn't use gsmarena won't know.

Yea yea go on give me links. Atleast I don't keep commenting on ud camera articles and then making arguments witho others which basically destroys the whole reply section so yea. YES I do waste time in gsmarena it's my choice I like it. I'm interested in tech so I go on gsmaeran regurarly

MOGAMBO KHUSH HUA, 03 Jul 2021I hope they keep the same design language as rest of series... moreYup

Dudenoway, 05 Jul 2021Again u literally say thta I don't reply. BUT there is... moreSorry to "ruin" the comment session by trying to avoid the underdisplay camera to ruin the smartphone market.
The fact that you apparently have found nothing else on the whole internet than reading the comments of GSMArena to keep you busy is hilarious and weird.

Dude, seriously, go watch this guy :
He talks about things you don't know you would find interesting.
Or learn what is the SCP Foundation and its amazing horror universe :
If you prefer reading, here :
Or follow SpaceX and their Starship development in this amazing fan channel :
Or learn space and science related stuff with Scott Manley :
Or with Kerbal Space Program (the same game that made Scott Manley popular) watch Danny2462 make awesome game glitching stuff :
Or Lets Game It Out who will play games in every way they aren't supposed to be played :
Electronic and electric is your stuff? Then ElectroBoom who constantly shock and burn himself while actually teaching stuff and being funny is a great channel :
Or learn complex stuff with Veritasium :
And if you feel up to the challenge, watch PBS Space Time who go deep into astrophysics :

Learn programming languages like Javascript or Python :
Or many things for free in OpenClassRoom :

You want free games? Look for "Stick it to the Stickman" which you can pay whatever you want (including 0).
Or one of the popular World of Tank, World of Warship, or their rival War Thunder.
Steam is full of free games :
There is a super realistic military flight simulator called DCS World that have for free a SU-25T with a realistic flight physic and a TF-51D Mustang with fully clickable cockpit and realistic flight physic.

Or you have Clickers, like Cookie Clicker :
Or on Steam Clicker Hero.
And if you prefer more mature content, Nutaku have a lot of free games too.
Or one of the bazillion simple and free browser games available here :

Your welcome.

Demongornot, 05 Jul 2021Well, sorry, but I won't ever stop that, and YOU are t... moreAgain u literally say thta I don't reply. BUT there is a reason behind why I reply and that is CUZ OF U someone replies to u cuz u type in every ud came article and then someone replies u start replying to him and It ruins comment section. If it weren't for U this reply section would have been normal BUT I'm not saying that I shouldn't stop eplying but I'm saying thta ppl rpely to u and then I can't read the comments cuz of u and the other guy argument then everyone stops commenting. I stop reading ur comment is imp cuz If I stop there is still hundreds of ppl who see ur comment and atleast one of em reply

Dudenoway, 05 Jul 2021It's a comment section obviously I read comments what ... moreWell, sorry, but I won't ever stop that, and YOU are the one spamming by going out of context.
"what else od I do"
NOT read MINE if you don't like them, I am doing something useful, you are just complaining that I post comment, use your brain kid.
You literally wrote "We had enough of ur lesson about privacy and all that." while I didn't wrote the word or about "privacy" in my comment, you were the one who brought it up here.
I talked about shady selling scheme.

And the underdisplay camera have so many flaws and issues it is laughable, it does absolutely nothing right, mainly considering there are multiple techs who achieve the exact same result of invisible camera + bezelless and notch/holeless display without any of those.

The underdisplay camera is a hype thing, except one (ZTE Axon 20) which is awful, it is promised since 3 years now, yet not a single good model (including prototypes) have been made, so you can keep answer me, but I'll keep strike at every opportunity to make people wake up from fantasy land caused by this hype.

Do you REALLY want this tech you recognized yourself to be not that great and have many cons to become the ONLY option available despite a lot of potential alternatives being possible?

"pls just leave this site alone and do wahteevr u want"
pls just leave my comments alone and do wahteevr u want.

Demongornot, 04 Jul 2021Here is a simple trick : If you don't like my comment... moreIt's a comment section obviously I read comments what else od I do. Plus literally u may not spam but I said stop comment ING it's annoying and I see u on every ud camera and right when u see a ud camera article u be like oh let's go another ud camera article let's comment and say blah blah. No gives a fcing sht about ur comments so pls stop. I reply to just tell u stop. No one reply to u cuz everyone know ur complete bs. Now If u hate this tech so much(even though this tech is not that good and mostly cons only) pls just leave this site alone and do wahteevr u want

Dudenoway, 04 Jul 2021Stop spamming comments on ud camera. We had enough of ur le... moreHere is a simple trick :
If you don't like my comments, don't read them.
I know...Shocking!
You aren't forced to read every comments, it may come as a revelation to you.

I am using the comment session exactly as it is intended to :
"Talking about the subject of the article", the underdisplay camera is literally the main point about this phone, and that you like it or not, privacy is also a big thing and have is perfectly on the topic of underdisplay cameras, this is a fact, unlike your opinion about privacy which contradict what experts in the field say about it.
Complaining that other people give their opinion, on the other hand, is NOT how it is supposed to be used.
Some of my comments because of some keywords or links are held for review by moderators and almost always approved, if they did consider that I was spamming, they would have warned me a while ago already.

And it isn't my fault nor this GSMArena fault if you can't use the almost unlimited amount of resources that could not only keep you busy, but also teach you stuffs that is available all across the internet.
From Youtube channels like Veritasium, Linus Tech Tips, Gameranx, Daily Dose Of Internet, Adam Savage’s Tested, Today I Found Out, Best Posts & Comments.
All the free online courses, places like Reddit, 4Chan, Discord.
All tons of free online games available from a browser, on Android, on Steam.
Yet, despite all that, me writing few comments (which by the way most are answering to people answering me for saying BS or useless things like you did), is what ruin your day and prevent you from wasting your time effectively?

Demongornot, 03 Jul 2021I wonder if this phone will also follow the printer scan sc... moreStop spamming comments on ud camera. We had enough of ur lesson about privacy and all that. U should just use ur phone reguraly and shut up a nd not annoy everyone. Everyone is sick of u and ur fkking arguments about all thta diversity privacy ud camera and all that. I only am here cuz I do comments to waste time and it's a good time killer

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I am waiting for this phone...this is my next phone if the display on top of the camera is less visible than that of the axon 20.

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Under Camera Forever!

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Anders, 03 Jul 2021No one cares 👍I care.

No one cares 👍

MOGAMBO KHUSH HUA, 03 Jul 2021I hope they keep the same design language as rest of series... moreDo you mean the curved edges display?

I hope they keep the same design language as rest of series,I am sick of these rounded and curvy phone

I wonder if this phone will also follow the printer scan scheme and get to sell at a loss to use people as beta testers of the awfully bad tech being the underdisplay camera and that will only improve so much, but will still sell because of the hype behind it despite being a clear dead end... xD
I mean, "NoPhone" do sell, so, why not! xD