Realme's Dizo teases its first mobile phone

04 July 2021
It could be the Dizo Star 500 that bagged FCC certification in May.

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  • Anonymous

Ah..#BeDifferent...just another phone! There is a huge market for senior citizen phone..yeah with big buttons and large LCD fonts

Anonymous, 04 Jul 20212G connectivity lol2g is enough for a very large segment of consumers, so, when you dumbly laugh, its not about the phone maker, you laugh about people who may not have money to nuy an expensive device, which, are a vast segment of the market, think a little before uttering dumb trash remarks

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Jul 20212G connectivity lolThat is enough for many people, therefore you try to make fun out of a large porrton of consumers, not who is making a simple affordable phone, think firs before talking dumb things

BBK - Oppo - Realme - Dizo.. I'm pretty sure soon Dizo will launch it's own sub-brand.

  • Anon

Are they crazy? A 2G phone in 2021!? Atleast launch a 4G capable phone like JioPhone.

  • Anonymous

well at least it's not another smartphone...

  • Anonymous

Are we in 2008/09?

  • Anonymous

2G connectivity lol


I watched the videos of this phones in YT. It's nothing new. The software inside was the common MTK user interface used by many Chinese feature phone brand. I hoped it would be like Nokia and Samsung style interface. So it is just another Chinese feature phone with DIZO tag. Shame that such company didn't introduce it's UI in feature phone.

sub brand under another sub brand

  • Anonymous

I was hoping for at least 4g...

  • Anonymous

Interesting how they decide to release feature phones with 2G connectivity. Which market are they selling these?