ZTE posts first image of Axon 30 5G with second generation under display camera

05 July 2021
The second gen under-panel camera will improve the image quality and offer higher pixel density for the part of the display it.

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Woohoo, 05 Jul 2021-"ZTE also demoed an under display 3D scanner (based o... moreApple always did that and claim it as innovation

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-"ZTE also demoed an under display 3D scanner (based on structured light), which probably won’t be featured on the new Axon 30 model, but we may get an update on the technology."
Apple can stick to their ugly notch for another 3 years, and then just borrow/copy the latest tech which ZTE/visionox would've improved upon till then.
Btw I still miss the Axon 7 with it's QHD screen, and FFS speakers with dedicated amps and Dolby Atmos support and ofc a good HP jack.

PMKLR3m, 05 Jul 2021Does it gona have same low resolution UDC screen layer for ... moreNah, it is improved, or at least they say it is, it will still be nowhere near the quality of a normal camera, but it should be better, I mean it would be hard to make worse anyway.

The first one was clearly not made for profits, even without the underdisplay camera the cost of the phone was odd to begin with, they used the Axon 20 for both exploiting the hype around underdisplay camera to get their name talked about regardless of the quality, the same way the Soviets made the horrible TU-144 plane before the Concorde to say they were the first to have a supersonic passenger aircraft.
But they also used people as beta testers since the hype is so big many would have bought it regardless the quality.
In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if we were to discover that the Axon 20 have multiple sub variant that have different pixel arrangements.
So now they cranked up the rest of the specs to make a high-end device with the Ultra (as one of the first underdisplay camera in a midrange make no senses except for the reasons I mentioned if you think about it), so obviously this time they better has an improved quality otherwise they would lose all the momentum they had with being the first, so it is logic it will be better mainly for the high end one, and the Pro is just there because they already mass produce the hardware anyway.
But it is obvious they still didn't aim at profits, but rather fixing the big letdown the Axon 20 camera was.

PMKLR3m, 05 Jul 2021Does it gona have same low resolution UDC screen layer for ... moreYou obviously didn't read the article... It's all there

Does it gona have same low resolution UDC screen layer for as older one?