Sony Ericsson P5 with live photos

8 May, 2008
It looks like the announcement of the highly rumored Sony Ericsson P5, codenamed Paris, is really close, as today several real photos of this baby leaked online - this time they are better quality and you can see ...

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  • SE Proud Owner

Any news yet?!

  • Anonymous

it looks like this phone scratches
really easy

  • Anonymous

hi pls let me know whenever the sony ericsson P5 launches?it is very urgent.

  • sencen

Wow! A new addition to the Sony Ericsson P Series. It's so obvious why they removed the jog dial -- they already incorporated a 4 or 5 way navigation button in front. I'd love it more if they didn't change that though. I've been used to using that.

  • Anonymous

Looks really crappy

  • donnie

the one thing i hope is that the handset is the first from se with 16 million colour screen

well i can hope cant i

  • Michael Adhi Nugroho

Oh well, nice and everything, but ever since I trade in my M600 for a K550i, I abandon the whole concept of QWERTY keyboard altogether. The use of T9 for me is faster than using a QWERTY keyboard. Thus, the G700/900 is better suited for me.

  • KAdri

all u ppl who dont know about the sony ericsson p series security, the sim lock feature is very safe, meaning if the phone is stolen and u report it the account will be terminated, the phone will not be able to use unless the password is known, not even a flash can reset the password. all in all, theives will have a useless phone.

i happen to flash my p910 2 years ago so i would know.

  • aron

looks good.can't will be an ideal device for most uses.can't wait for it to be released in the UK.

  • Anonymous

your comment is kinda confusing.

are you sure your a P series user? why did you have a p990in the first place if you hate it so much? also, when it got stolen, why the h*** would you replace it again with another P series phone??

can you give me a product that can upgrade their OS as an example??

IMO, the sliding keypad design has actually a dual purpose. Since this is a touchscreen phone, you have the option of not opening the keypad and just rely on the touchscreen feature (I suspect they would use the same Touch based interface of G900/700). For those who need the keyboard for faster typing, then the keypad is there! this actually eliminates the drawback of those PDA that doesn't have a hardware keyboard. (because after you had your fun of touchscreen typing, you would eventually look for a hardware keypad)

True, P series phones are not everyone's cup of tea, but for those who actually knows how to work with phones and customize it according to their whims, this phone is a very tempting device to have.

  • Anonymous

All SE phones especially the smartphones (from the P800 on) can be locked and secured with a password. It helps sometimes to read the manual

  • TaZ

that is vile, i have had the p-series phones since the p800, i have never seen a product go down hill so bad as the p-series phones, hey started of great big screens no keypads, and its got worse i only own the P1i because my p990i got stolen but this is just ugly, why the need for a keypad why the need for it to slide why the need for a side fast-port??? there dodgy as it is, and they got us where they want us because we not going to be able to upgrade to uiq 3.3 on our p1i's well up yours S/E. Your phone are going to start looking like Samsung's soon,

  • ....


where i can download those security software? can you give me the specific web address?

  • Anonymous

cant wait for this, ill be selling my ku990 viewty straight away

sony is my favourite and i wish i never switched

hopefully by the time my contract ends the P5i will be released

  • annoymous

my dear, you can download security softwares to lock your files away.
sigh, (roll eyes).

  • roc from jam

P5 another quality deviice from SE. sony ìs the boss

  • Willa

Sony E is da best fones, but if u could please create software to lock applications & mesgs it will beunbeatable.

  • Donald

Nothing will make me buy any Sony Ericsson product, wether P1, P5, P10, W960i if they don't have security measures like phone lock and to protect your files from unauthorised viewing by every Tom, Dick and Harry.
What I mean is that; Sony Ericsson should be security concious like Nokia and Motorola.

  • NT4

Is it me or on the photo looking at the camera slide, on the left hand top corner, it looks like a stylus...? Cant wait for the specs...

  • Anonymous

I'm glad somebody enjoys M600. For me, M600 was the reason to switch to Nokia. The P5 looks ok (but so did the M600 and was full of bugs and flaws). If Nokia still hasn't a decent touchscreen till this gets to market, it might be an option