Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 Lite to debut alongside Flip3

06 July 2021
It's been a while since we last heard of the Lite Flip model.

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They should have released an z fold 3 lite since its still well above 1.5k and that's expensive. If they put like sd 7xx or dimensity series with 12mp ultra wide camera if not with telephoto and decent camera main. Display idk but mod tlikely it would be 90 hz amoled cuz Samsung u know hehe. Price should be a bit less than 1k. Just like someone said in the comment ppl buy it for form factor not specs. But it is expensive to produce parts u know. Battery idk should be same as z fold 3 or 2

  • kek

I'm all in for Samsung to launch a "lite" Flip model. I like that idea and I hope it starts to catch up

  • foldfanatic

I think Sammy will play it smart and only release the "lite" edition in Q1 2022

  • Anonymous

I hope there will be also lite version lf the fold 3.

The pricing is biggest thing why these are not going mainstream and little cut on the specs will not be big deal for customers when they are going to get foldable for cheaper.

I think they are doing this because they expect the Flip will sell more than the Fold. It sounds like it will be a mid-range Flip, but we are still likely talking about a $800.00 phone. I'm not sure $800.00 is mid-range money.

Kingslayer, 06 Jul 2021I don't believe flip phones should be flagships. Peopl... moreNot gonna work. The original Razr was pretty much midrange as it had Snapdragon 7 series processor and bad photo quality yet it was priced well above 1000usd because foldable phones by nature are expensive to make currently. So no sense aiming for the midrange market.

I don't believe flip phones should be flagships. People buy them for that specific form factor. The og RAZR from 2004 wasn't being bought for specs. Lower it to midrange specs but lower the price to $500 tops. Not $1,500.

i'm guessing the lite is the one rumored to be cheaper than last years model.