The Phantom X, Tecno's first premium phone, is now available

06 July 2021
Initially, the phone can be found in Nigeria and Kenya and it should expand to more markets soon.

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  • Ikoba m ali
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  • 17 Aug 2021


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    • fm8
    • 25 Jul 2021

    Cyberchum, 09 Jul 2021You really don't know, do you? Well, I'll try to ... moreYou're true..@tecno democrat

      Cyberchum, 09 Jul 2021You really don't know, do you? Well, I'll try to ... moreThanks bruv, I see what you mean. I understand why my comment came across to you as discrimination when all I actually meant to do was specify the region I was talking about. But yh I agree that it affects most regions. And as for the advertisements, I believe that there are now better alternatives than Tecno for those who want cheap phones as Redmi and Xiaomi have entered the market. So I think the misleading advertisements give Tecno an advantage over the competition as people are more exposed to their ads.

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        • fnY
        • 12 Jul 2021

        Cyberchum, 09 Jul 2021You really don't know, do you? Well, I'll try to ... more100% vouch for that

          New guy, 08 Jul 2021Asininity? What did I say wrong? Isn't it most of the ... moreYou really don't know, do you? Well, I'll try to elucidate it for you:

          "Most people in these REGIONS know very little about phone specs and most people know nothing about processors."

          It has absolutely nothing to do with the regions, not when the statement applies to every region of the world.

          "They will likely just fall for the advertisements."

          Somewhat true. But guess what? That's the purpose of ads, and ads has that effect on most people of EVERY region of the world—again, it has absolutely nothing to do with the regions.

          Remember when I said somewhat? Back to that: Tecno is widely known as a budget brand in Nigeria. It rose to limelight in the last days of Symbian, when Nokia adopted Windows. Before then, it was just in the featurephone market, where it played second fiddle to Nokia and served as cheaper alternative to the Finnish company's offerings in the category.

          But, after the death of Symbian and Nokia's subsequent shift to windows, there was a huge gap left to be filled in the smartphone category, largely due to customers dissatisfaction with app availability on Windows Phone platform and how totally different—and inferior, particularly in terms of customization and multitasking—it was to Symbian.

          Blackberry, a la iOS, was never a viable alternative for obvious reasons: price and features. Android was widely-seen as the spiritual successor to Symbian. Samsung had brought android phones at that time, but they were relatively pricey and out of most former Symbian users purchasing power.

          Then entered Tecno with way cheaper, albeit very inferior, androids! It was largely opportunistic. They saw a large market left stranded, a large gap to be filled, and they did just that—fill it!

          So, not significantly true! Most people buy Tecno phones largely because of its cheaper offerings. You can advertise all you want, if buyers can't afford it, they are most likely not going to buy it. Because of the poor economy and humble financial statuses of most people here, they sell quite well, understandably. And, like I said before, "once the price of the phone goes up, people start looking at Samsung" because that's the brand they associate with premium.

          I hope you now understand the asininity of your discriminatory comment.

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            • Ms mani
            • D0b
            • 09 Jul 2021

            Since infinix zero 8 only not came to indian market, this one too much doubtful

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              • dankwoska
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              • 08 Jul 2021

              The phone got a powerful launch... i loved the race now Tecno balanced the phantom x for mid-range smartphones

                Cyberchum, 08 Jul 2021Living in Nigeria doesn't change, one bit, the asinini... moreAsininity? What did I say wrong? Isn't it most of the people who shop for these midranger and entry level phones have low understanding of specs? Isn't it they are most exposed to Tecno adds around here which greatly exaggerate the capabilities of their products like most companies do? What exactly makes my comment asinine?

                  New guy, 07 Jul 2021Bro, I live in Nigeria. I know what I am saying. I'm n... moreLiving in Nigeria doesn't change, one bit, the asininity of your comment. Tecno has more market share in Nigeria and Africa for the very reason budgets-midrange android phones sell much more than flagships phones in the world. It's a no-brainer. Once the price of the phone goes up, people start looking at Samsung alternatives, because they don't associate high cost with Tecno. Common sense eludes you!

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                    • DIMDIN
                    • XE$
                    • 08 Jul 2021

                    Please Tecno
                    I would like you to make phones 📱that has fingerprint sensor location on the screen trust the proces.
                    Then u will see

                      228k for an MTK processor? Not worth it imo, a device like this is supposed to be sporting a snapdragon processor

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                        • Sudhir
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                        • 08 Jul 2021


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                          • Techbar
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                          • 08 Jul 2021

                          Just a little disappointed with the processor ,helio g95 is almost like Snapdragon 720 but i thought it will be premium and it would have lager battery and a much better processor even upto dimensity 1200 would be better option or snap.860 and same problem with other concept phone by infinix with same helio g95 processor ,specs were great of their device but processor is not premium or the phone is not a flagship phone without a powerful processing system .

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                            • 08 Jul 2021

                            Young , 07 Jul 2021Hmmm you must be outta space with exaggerated stuffs I don... moreIt's not wrong Tecno outdid themselves this time and next time, check facts before you argue and save me the stress of having to correct you personally.

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                              • Russofi Octopus
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                              • 08 Jul 2021


                                Nice one, one should raise money and land this device before it runs out of stock

                                  Young , 07 Jul 2021Hmmm you must be outta space with exaggerated stuffs I don... moreLol, I have no reason to lie. Believe me or not ik what I saw that day and it was hilarious 😂. Even I was appalled when it happen. Either way, I'm just saying that the Tecno I know doesn't exactly pump out 'quality products' like the other guy said. I'll be happy if they improve though. And let's not forget that the whole argument started because of the ridiculous advertisements that Tecno and Infinix make. I was sick of the Tecno Camon advertisements that popped up before every video I wanted to watch on YouTube, where a 'professional' claims the colour accuracy of the phone is outstanding.

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                                    • 07 Jul 2021

                                    New guy, 07 Jul 2021Aww, your first comment with this account is about me? Well... moreHmmm you must be outta space with exaggerated stuffs
                                    I don't use Tecno but what ur saying here Is terribly wrong

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                                      • 07 Jul 2021

                                      Is it available in qatar

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                                        • 07 Jul 2021

                                        let me see who will buy this rubbish for $400