Google Pixel 6, 6 Pro full specs leak, custom chipset confirmed

09 July 2021
Also finally some big batteries on the Pixel family.

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SigmaR, 17 Jul 2021No need to comment on you anymore, you just showed yourself... moreOk, bye.

pufanu, 15 Jul 2021Bro, imma go ahead and just say it. You're pretty r3tarded.No need to comment on you anymore, you just showed yourself for what you are.

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Nick Tegrataker, 09 Jul 2021"The pictures are not gonna be any better than those f... morePixel 5 delivers worse image quality than the Pixel 3. This was shown by full resolution sample images from Android Authority. The Pixel 5 has more blown out highlights and the Pixel 5 also uses more aggressive noise reduction. Furthermore, due to bracketing, the Pixel 5 captures less light from bright areas than the Pixel 3. Also, Night Sight takes up to 6.5 seconds, this often leads to slightly blurry images. The Pixel 3 has HDR+ enhanced, which is a fast Night Sight mode and delivers much sharper images. By the way, the Pixel 3 takes worse daylight photos than the Google Nexus 5x in HDR+ On mode.
Sensor size plays nearly no role in the final product. It's crazy that many people still don't understand that because there are countless examples. Bad image processing, bad exposure time, artifacts, bad autofocus, bad lens, there are so many factors. A larger sensor size does basically nothing else than making it easier to produce lenses with a larger effective diameter for a given field of view. A sensor can only capture the light that goes through a lens. A larger effective diameter captures more photons per time from an object, this reduces the relative deviation of the number of photons that arrived during the exposure. So the raw data is less noisy. A smaller lens achieves the same effect with a longer exposure time. And a small sensor captures exactly the same amount of light per time from an object as a large sensor, if you use exactly the same lens. There isn't anything magical about a larger sensor.

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Anonymous, 09 Jul 2021What the hell are you talking about ? It's been years ... moreAnalog pixel binning is older. Dual pixel sensors also use pixel binning, that's why Canon Dual Pixel raw files are twice as large. Dual pixel sensors with 12 megapixels do actually have 24 megapixels. Also, there are Bayer sensors without Dual Pixel autofocus that offer analog pixel binning or at least a combination of analog and digital pixel binning. Then you get 3 megapixels instead of 12.

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Nick Tegrataker, 09 Jul 2021I'm sure as hell if Google tuned their processing prop... moreNo, because smartphone manufacturers usually use analog pixel binning even in good light conditions in order to get good shadows. Digital zoom could be better though.

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This design is actually glorious !!!!

[deleted post]"My zenfone 6 using the 48MP mode is better than my mates S21 Ultra on 108mp mode" - that's the comment that I initially replied to. And I said that's not its intended use (for both of them actually). Pixel binning results in superior images across the board, which you can immediately view on your phone, post on social, etc. There was no talk of raw, downscaling, editing or whatever. So please, kindly duk off.

SigmaR, 15 Jul 2021it's you being thick, you don't want to get what ... moreCool story, brah.

SigmaR, 15 Jul 2021it's you being thick, you don't want to get what ... moreBro, imma go ahead and just say it. You're pretty r3tarded.

pufanu, 14 Jul 2021Oh my god, you can't possibly be this thick. The conve... moreit's you being thick, you don't want to get what I am saying. The 108mpx mode can be reduced to 12 mpx to have a better file, just as it's possible to do with the raw. I mention it cause I am using the raw file to have some other "extras", but I could use the 108mpx mode to have similar results as well. Anyway whatever, you can keep thinking you know more, for what I care

SigmaR, 14 Jul 2021I mentioned raw cause they use the full 108mpx resolution. ... moreOh my god, you can't possibly be this thick. The conversation was about using the "108MP" mode. You know, how in the gsmarena reviews there's always that one line about shooting in the full res mode (not to be confused with RAW) and how it doesn't bring much benefit outside of capturing more detail, meanwhile things like contrast and HDR suffer. I get shooting RAW, that's a justified use of using a sensors full resolution, but this wasn't the usage scenario that we were talking about. You know what? Ok, whatever you say, I just can't deal with this subject anymore...

pufanu, 10 Jul 2021Shooting in "full 108MP" mode and shooting RAW ar... moreI mentioned raw cause they use the full 108mpx resolution. So yes, it's relevant

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Anonymous, 11 Jul 2021Tell you what, sell your phone, sell your laptop and sell y... moreYou are the one who belong to the past, when privacy was not a thing of concern.

We actually live in a time when privacy is a BIG concern for A LOT of people.
In a time when we have countless examples of missuses of private information and personal data.
A time when we can't get a single week without a new privacy scandal.
A time when most EXPERTS advise caring about it.

But maybe you know better than experts?
Also, I can't help but notice the irony of someone not using an account but rather posting as an anonymous and yet laughing at privacy...

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Dudenoway, 12 Jul 2021Mp does not matter its just thta the use Better sensor for ... moreSensor size matters, and this 12MP one probably will be same old tiny sensor. If it would be something like Sony IMX555 which is 1/1.7" would be nice, but I kind of doubt it.

Kingslayer, 12 Jul 2021This is what I mean when I said Android apps have better lo... moreIdk but u should get other flagships if u want premuim. Google isn't rlly thta good so far. I guess in future it will improve

This is what I mean when I said Android apps have better longevity than iOS apps because it can still run on older firmware. WhatsApp only needs Android 4.0 but needs iOS10 or later. That's a 5-year difference (2011 vs. 2016).

This is why I still prefer Android. And it holds many more offline content for me like videos, photos, songs, and books. My 90s Next Generation video game magazines and horse racing past performances in PDF are also there. I only stored songs for my iPhones. Videos and photos are in the cloud via Google Photos.

Once my iPhone 12 mini is completely paid off by 2023, I will probably go back to the $50 T-Mobile prepaid for a few years before upgrading to a Pixel again. Probably get the Pixel 10 with Android 16. That's released by 2025.

WTF, 12 Jul 2021Why? Honestly ... WHY???!!! Why does the smaller version ha... moreBecause its cheaper bro. Just like every vanilla model in a series is cheaper

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Why? Honestly ... WHY???!!! Why does the smaller version have worse camera setup? It just sucks!!!

PMKLR3m, 11 Jul 2021Why is telephoto 48mp, but ultrawide is only 12mp?! Mp does not matter its just thta the use Better sensor for telephoto as telephoto quality is worse than ultra wide. It's just thta telephoto has bigger sensor and Google software magic should be good enough for ultrawide

AnonD-977150, 10 Jul 2021I love cakeSame. Cakes are yummm