Upcoming Realme X9 obtains multiple certifications in a clear indication of nearing launch

09 July 2021
The alleged X9 Pro also appeared in an EEC listing.

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  • Sweety

Expected price?

  • Rin

Why they are reducing battery atleast they shouldn't lean back at 4500mah. 4200 mah is too low and other than that I hope they didn't destroyed that good 50mp sony sensor.. Peace

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Jul 2021DOES IT HAVE ACTIVATE NOTIFICATION LED LIGHT ????... moreOnly Sony has it as others don't even have bezels to put one (but u could still put one like the ZF8 or that Vivo phone with 2 flashes on the edge bezel). I really miss the RGB ones Samsung used to put.
Btw I haven't tried it myself as I have a LCD screen but there's an app called NotifyBuddy which u could try on an OLED phone.

SMIRNAS, 09 Jul 2021so, this is Realme Flagship KillerA flagship killer is basically a mid-range with flagship SoC and fast charging, the rest is nothing flagship but hey, at least they're cheaper!
This will compete with the Poco F3 I assume.

  • Anonymous





i dont need AOD
i just want indicator notification led light ?????
why almost 98percent of new products doesn't have it
why makers remove it ??!?!?!!?!?

so, this is Realme Flagship Killer