iPhone 13 dummies and cases leak, the cases don't fit the current 12-series models

09 July 2021
We expected that the cameras wouldn't line up, but the buttons on the side don't either.

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I find their designers funny... Samsung at least pro. Annie's camera order or h reverses and she gets a different design... These years, it's all the same... Not to mention software that's boring. If you couldn't get anything out of it other than the pictures... Android is a mother to everyone, you kill into a computer, you see everything you apply, you add and bye

AnonD-1003038, 11 Jul 2021And here we go with the specs speech again...Its ok buddy if you prefer secures but feels like jail iOS with stability and less customization. I am just said that I prefer android more than iPhone as simple as that

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Kingslayer, 11 Jul 2021As much as I defend iPhone and iOS on here, I still do say ... moreAndroid phones are pocket computers. iPhones are smartphones. I'm not a hater. I've used both. Even if you're a basic user Android is the way to go.

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Big mom, 11 Jul 2021No he or she do not interested in overprice junk with the s... moreAnd here we go with the specs speech again...

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AnonD-1003038, 11 Jul 2021Jesus, how many times do we have to say phone is more than ... moreNo he or she do not interested in overprice junk with the same design from 2017 lol
Where apple innovation? Oh i forgot no charger in box and magsafe suppose to be an innovation right?

As much as I defend iPhone and iOS on here, I still do say over and over that I prefer Android. I first used an iPhone 2G back in 2008. Was a hand me down. Jailbroke it Used Android by 2011 but hated it initially. Lagged so badly before Ice Cream Sandwich. Then made Android my platform of choice by May 2013 once I got an HTC One (M7).

I still prefer Android for several reasons -
+ Nova Launcher Prime and its gestures
+ SwiftKey is far superior on Android
+ An older QuickPic apk is an all-time great app
+ Sideloading apks like Pandora Radio without ads
+ Torrents (just downloaded Black Widow yesterday)
+ Much easier to use as a hotspot
+ Holds more of my media content like e-books
+ Listen to a video's audio while screen is off (MX Player)

I can go on and on. Android will always be my favorite. Look at my daily drivers. Only Android. While iOS act like an iPod touch to iMessage my family and sync my Apple Watch.

Just live using both. Don't waste your time bashing one to make yourself feel better. They're just phones. This isn't a jihad or whatever

I just altered my daily driver rotations.

Google Pixel 3 (January-June)
Apple iPhone 12 mini (January-June)

LG G5 (July-December)
Essential PH-1 (July-December)

Apple iPhone SE (all year, third wheel)

Bringing my LG G5 back from its retirement from 2 years ago. The G5 is the single most frustrating phone I've ever owned. Some days, it's my all-time favorite. Other days, I want to throw it at a wall. Right now, it's back being my #1 favorite for the simple fact it has removable battery.

Rotating between so many phones will make them lasts longer. Won't wear out the battery. They get only 6-month usage instead of a year.

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Kingslayer, 10 Jul 2021Daily Drivers Google Pixel 3 (January-June) Apple iPhone... moreNo one cares about your list man

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Android users speak about specs because that's the easiest way to have proof that everything on android is 2-4x better. Hard to talk about superior ecosystem and much longer battery life since apple users just don't know what they are missing :D

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Ellen Dale, 11 Jul 2021People hype specs too much as if the older phones older tha... moreI don't complain because my phone is six years old. But if there are high refresh rate screens and other advanced technologies why don't make use of it?

People hype specs too much as if the older phones older than 2019 are absolute garbage
You surely need improvements but not literal big improvements every year
Just hyping up around big camera sensors and high refresh rates to higher extent is just rubbish
The " quite old " ones are also capable l enough for day to day life
And people hyping refresh rates Asif they can't live without it which became available to the masses only in 2019 ( the razerphone brought it but it wasn't available for all )
You all didn't complain about high refresh rates before 2019?

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Go for android. If not buy Pro versions of iPhone. Cheap ones aren't that cool.

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Strawhat, 11 Jul 2021Lol compare apple to apple dude. You compare $700 with chea... moreJesus, how many times do we have to say phone is more than just raw specs? But you Android fans just harp about specs 24/7 all year long. Sure, you need some sort of specs to be on level with the rest, but the ecosystem you all hate so much is entirely different on Apple's side and it's what usually attracts users despite common belief everyone hates iOS by default with burning passion. If Android is all out DIY and you're on your own to do pretty much everything, iOS is all out comfort and support and direction of "just works". And only way to really understand it is to try iOS and not give up and return to Android the first moment something is out of your known Android comfort zone. Then you realize what iOS is and why quite a lot of people like it.

Anonymous, 10 Jul 2021Rather than cheap punch hole from some Chinese brands and n... moreLol compare apple to apple dude. You compare $700 with cheap chinese phone?
I prefer s21 design more than your uniform bezel with fat notch that straight comes from 2017

Anonymous, 10 Jul 2021Herp derp. I see you came up with that all by yourself, champ. Yes I did thanks. You see as I'm not an iSheep I am capable of thinking for myself and don't need Tim Cook to do it for me 👍

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Anders, 10 Jul 2021"iPhone 13 dummies" that's not a very nice w... moreHerp derp. I see you came up with that all by yourself, champ.

Just not a fan of the camera lens being diagonally on the 13 and 13 mini. Next year's SE will look the same as last year but will have 5G. There is a rumor the SE4 released in 2023 will look like the 11 but with LCD.

So for mini fans and there seems only a few of us, the 13 mini will be the last of this size and OLED for a long time if not forever. Think of the 12 mini and 13 mini as the 5/5S/SE1. Apple will never to return to that size ever again.

"iPhone 13 dummies" that's not a very nice way to talk about iPhone users

AnonD-1003038, 10 Jul 2021OhNom, it's not all about specs you know. But Android ... moreYeah specs usually draw most good devices. Great fastest 20w charger with 60hz display, big notch, fancy amoled, most youtuber and apple fanbois defend Great display of iphone Xr on 2018 with sub 1080p lcd great display, they said it is great lcd display, great accuracy of display bla bla bla and apple invent more great Amoled with higher ppi in Xs and xs max lol marketing bullshit
And last year they move to all oled, where great lcd?
You pay premium price with weak specs of apple for example lcd display on xr and 11, oled 60hz on +$700 iPhone. And dont forget apple fanbois defend that even 60hz the fluidity of it more than 120hz from android flagship lol, and you know what? This year they invent super fluidity ltpo panel 120hz from samsung hahaha

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OhNom, it's not all about specs you know. But Android users are so obsessed with specs, specs and specs 24/7 non freaking stop they don't even have any concept of other things that matter too. And to some, they matter more. If phone has good sound, makes good photos, displays good image and is snappy at anything you throw at it, they just won't really care. But they might care about fluidity of data between different devices and that's where Apple just works like absolute charm. Software support is also entirely different experience with no waiting for anything. If update is out it's out for everyone. Some people just care about such things more than phone having 16K display with bazillion Hz and 50 core CPU.