vivo S10 listed on TENAA with key specs

10 July 2021
It will be officially announced on July 15 with the S10 Pro.

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Dudenoway, 11 Jul 2021Uhh wym. I mean I think it has ois on main cam has dimensit... moreI mean exactly what I said. What don't you get?

(1) 44W charging is nothing special.
(2) 90hz is the bare minimum nowadays.
(3) The battery is tiny.
(4) No it won't be slightly over 400. The S9 was $463. Have some common sense.

OIS doesn't excuse the price.

Their very own IQOO Neo5 has 66W charging, OIS, a much larger battery, a 120hz display, while being $380.

    joe nodden, 11 Jul 2021They're abusing the price to performance the Dimensity... moreUhh wym. I mean I think it has ois on main cam has dimensity 1100 fast charging good display price shouldn't be much more than 400 tho. Well I expect cuz of dimensity 1100 and ois on main cam will make it expensive. Vivo s10 pro should have 120 hz and then upgrade to dimensity 1200 and then like less than 500 then real flagship killer

      erodhika94, 11 Jul 2021Well when it came to apple's notch, no one will complaintWell yes but no. As I have seen many ppl bashing apple on its notch(that includes me)

        PMKLR3m, 10 Jul 2021It still has notch. Such a shame. Vivo why are you ruining... moreWell when it came to apple's notch, no one will complaint

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          • Vijay
          • fCE
          • 11 Jul 2021

          Vivo s10.memory card opcen best

            They're abusing the price to performance the Dimensity 1100 offers by increasing their profit margins instead of making the phone cheaper.

              This looks like one of those Wish knock offs of the iPhone X in 2017.

                It still has notch. Such a shame.
                Vivo why are you ruining look of your phones?!

                  • D
                  • AnonD-844232
                  • 39y
                  • 10 Jul 2021

                  AT LAST first android phone wich isn't fkin rounded for so many years.. jeeez goosh THANK YOU VIVO !
                  But dat notch ?? Why it shouldn't be there it looks like now Huawei P20 Pro had baby with iphone...

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                    • Anonymous
                    • wIu
                    • 10 Jul 2021

                    so the s10 is the sams device as the s9? like exactly the same stats. so why, vivo?

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                      • Anonymous
                      • 7kk
                      • 10 Jul 2021

                      should be a 'relatively' compact (thin & light) powerhouse with the dim1100

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                        • ChikenNoodleSoup
                        • sxs
                        • 10 Jul 2021

                        Why is still that design front camera? They should use dot or side camera not notch tsk tsk

                          I actually like the frame design with flat sides even if it is iPhone copy but that notch man! Honestly thought they were gone for good except for iPhones. Can't believe any android maker thinks this is a good look in 2021. It's hideous!

                            Vivo iPhone 12 listed on TENAA. That's the suitable title