WhatsApp beta for IOS gets disappearing messages

12 July 2021
"View once" media messages are also an option.

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  • Goodfellow

This app became garbage as soon as failbook bought it. Please leave it.

yalim, 12 Jul 2021whatsapp should give up wasting its resources on such minor... moreI agree👍🏻

Now Screenshot usage will hit all time HIGH!!

  • Anonymous

Why there is no prvisy in making a account in WhatsApp why someone sent message in your phone getting code of other one sim and using whapp on others sim specially in Pakistans villages

  • Anonymous

so they just nerfed the cpu?

whatsapp should give up wasting its resources on such minor features and put full effort to solve the biggest problem of all time; whatsapp transfer cross-platform(ios2android & android2ios).

  • Esteves Jobes

The message dissaprars to the users eyes, but everything is kept in Facebook servers for scrutiny in the future when you become target of a political persecution.

  • Anonymous

I don't used Whatsapp. So I don't even care 🤣🤣🤣

Anonymous, 12 Jul 2021lol, how many months lateIt's one of those trends of iOS... why is why I keep saying never again.
IOS kept me waiting so many years for SwiftKey and Poweramp.

  • Anonymous

lol, how many months late

  • Trooper

Most messages are not even worth see once, so how about an option of not making them appear in the first place...

  • Anonymous

Outdated app

And if the media visibility option is enabled to save the it to the gallery, then no one can stop you from multiplying the media onto your storage without even needing to open the chat/notification ;)