FCC listing gives proof that Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 will support S Pen Pro

13 July 2021
The S Pro Pen should finally debut after it was announced alongside the S21 Ultra.

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  • troll lol


The foldable will likely come without a dedicated slot for the S Pen so you’ll have to attach it to a case somehow.

  • saw089

nice :)

I see a big hole on the right side, is that size not for the S-Pen?

  • Anonymous

Claude Stanchev, 13 Jul 2021Hopefully it won't scratch at a level 2 or 3 picks.At least level 4 would be good

Lets hope the S Pen would and could make scratches on screen like Jerryrigeverything did with nails.

Hopefully it won't scratch at a level 2 or 3 picks.