Samsung unveils its first image sensor for cars, signs $436 million deal with Tesla

13 July 2021
Rumor has it that Samsung will supply sensors for Tesla's upcoming Cybertruck.

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When you know your phone has an 108 Mp camera, yet your car only has 1.3 MP

The sooner Elon Musk follows his mate Jeff Epstein to the great beyond the better for all concerned.

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I still don't know how can this can pass pedestrian safety when all new cars have to be all soft and squishy in the front with no sharp lines and specific hood shape and angle as well as windshield to protect pedestrians if they get hit by car. This thing is basically the opposite of all that and is full of angular sharp shapes, metal and hood/windshield shaped like a ramp. If you hit a pedestrian you're guaranteed to deal some serious damage on impact and then catapult them across the ramp making them fly over at maximum speed.