Oppo plans for 6G connectivity include revolutionized use of AI by 2035

13 July 2021
Standardization could begin in 2025, with commercial implementation following ten years later.

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New guy, 15 Jul 2021Alright bro, I've sorta done some light research over ... more3G can be easier shut down because it focuses on old smartphones, which by now must've become a small minority. My 7 year old Redmi 2 Prime has 4G, so you can imagine.
Plus, 3G is expensive overall, in fact 4G itself is cheaper than 3G.
Dongles can help the case of 4G, with them coming as cheap as $10, or even $5.
2G is important because it still enables cheap telephony, something 4G can achieve for sure but not using old hardware...
People will have to upgrade, but this puts them on a more exposing network... its likely they'll use jio apps, which do upload usage data to servers. The older level of privacy would be no more even an option.

This Jio you mentioned is one of the reasons why companies had to unite and merge.. and the competition ended and with it ended cheap telephony. Even 2G is expensive compared to previous years.

Anyhow, thanks for the posted information. And you're right about this big segment not being ignored. We're talking about 20-23% of India's entire population, not just telecom users but entire population. Its a big segment indeed.

Berserker, 14 Jul 2021where have you read that? Jesus do a little ducking research for gods sake.

Get a radiation meter and see how it will spike outside of your fucking window.

Who do you want to say it to you to believe it?

What about the effects on birds and insects apart from us?


Samath N8 808 owner, 15 Jul 2021So, you mean a 50 year old person can't live 30 more y... moreAlright bro, I've sorta done some light research over the past half an hour and here's what I see. 2G networks in India apparently have about 300 million subscribers so it's still a big market. Although Jio is pushing to wipeout 2G, Airtel and Vi? oppose the idea with Airtel saying it plans on continuing 2G as it receives a lot of revenue from it. However I keep seeing something about 2G ending in India by 2025. And apparently from what I've read, the companies don't care as much about 3G as 2G and all of them are planning on shutting down 3G. So that means that if 2G is shut down in 2025, it's users would have to jump straight to 4G, which does appear to be rather worrying. However I thing the solution to this is Jio. If most of the 2G users adopt Jio phones that provide free calls to other Jio phones, I think that will be quite the win. They would then only have to pay for Internet usage and for calling other people that don't use Jio phones. And I'm pretty sure the cost of all 4G data plans would reduce to aid the new users. Even the cost of the entry level phones would be quite affordable. I hope I haven't messed up anywhere. I'm not used to typing out comments this long. So anyway, from what I understood I guess there shouldn't be much to worry about so don't worry bro. After all, no way companies are gonna neglect 300 million potential customers.

New guy, 14 Jul 2021Well this is a website about tech, so ofc it's about p... moreSo, you mean a 50 year old person can't live 30 more years (that's upto 2050 bro!)? Why would you remove 2G in today's date?
I'm not against 5G launch, but I'm against industry shoving this in my face. Just don't remove 2G.
And what about the poor? They don't have food to eat, what will they do with 5G?

Your reason about employment is valid though. But honestly, telecoms have gone mighty expensive in our country, and that's why I'm concerned. Data is cheap per GB, but the lowest packs of calling and sms have gone up by huge margin, (I'm being liberal here, but its about 4-10 times more expensive after unethical mergers/closing of Indian companies)

Samath N8 808 owner, 14 Jul 2021Dear Yordan, Priorities are important in life. A lot of pe... moreWell this is a website about tech, so ofc it's about promoting the latest and greatest tech. And the reason he says there's a lot of work to do is because the old people you are talking about are unfortunately going to die in the future and are going to be replaced by younger generations who rely on the Internet. And I'm not sure if I can say this next part correctly, but I believe improved connectivity is important for the development of a country. So in doing so it will increase the standard of living of people in the country and help the poor people you are talking about.

Dear Yordan,
Priorities are important in life. A lot of people in India sleep hungry, what do you think is the priority for them, LTE? There is income gap in India, so, we have both ultra rich and ultra poor, and a huge amount of people in the middle of these extremes.

And still I don't understand one thing:- if most of the customers are ok with 2G as their basic telephony provider, why do you say "a lot of work needs to be done"?
Isn't a happy customer the target, or is the target to ensure that each person should be spied upon in some way or another by pushing stuff they don't actually need?

Old age people, poor people, etc they just need the basics in life. Then why do you journalists not represent them? It seems no one represents them anymore, its all latest-latest, geek-geek all the time.

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i0S.- Never.- Again, 13 Jul 2021Every area is 4g covered. Data rates are also cheap. Idk why it says india cause m village had lte since 4. Years

Berserker, 14 Jul 2021where have you read that? He's being sarcastic. (I hope)

tehyadro, 13 Jul 2021If 5g doubles the rates or cancer its 6g gonna quadruple it... morewhere have you read that?

If 5g doubles the rates or cancer its 6g gonna quadruple it?

Thanks geniuses.

6G is currently dead because it expanded upon what has become the least popular features of 5G. Only improved spectrum efficiency and aggregation in 5G is being put to use. mmWave barely exists due to poor stability and the need for so many cell sites. If there's no room for mmWave cell sites, you can bet that there's no room for all the datacenters needed for 5G/6G Edge Computing. There's no point guessing what 6G will do until 5G is mature.

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No thanks. I turn off my 5G data on my 5G phone anyway. I don’t need it.

Anonymous, 13 Jul 2021Those 300 million users in India are likely, just like peop... moreEvery area is 4g covered. Data rates are also cheap.

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Chinese companies at forefront of innovation yet again

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Those 300 million users in India are likely, just like people in rural areas in Canada, the US, and China. They're simply not paying the networks enough to justify the cost of expanding the 35/4G connectivity there. I worked for a network company before. It's not a technology problem, it's a return on investment problem. Most likely, within 5-6 years, the technology will be cheap enough to expand 4G to cover even thinly populated areas/areas with low-income inhabitants.

Dont want to be rude but this way soon AI will replace humans everywhere.
Do we really need and want to gve whole world to AI???
Then what with us???
Do we really want to end on some landfill as obsolette machines which has been opassed away and replaced by much newer technology.
I can but i dont like to imagine a scenario like this where humans are just a burden to AI.
Or we end as augmented humans half robots half humans.

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AirY, 13 Jul 2021Global warming . I can feel it. Im from small town from ind... moreMr too, in rainy season temperature reaches 42°C WTF LOL,in peak rainy season

Never before seen effect, even ground water levels have been completely collapsed.

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Hope machines do not end up enslaving humans by then... But haven't they already!? ;)

Global warming . I can feel it. Im from small town from india. Before 10 years ago in month of june july and august weather hotness arround 35 38 bt now days temprature easly cross 40 . In just 10 years weather becms too hot. Dont knw where word going.

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This guy is thinking ahead.