Samsung Galaxy M22 renders and specs leak

13 July 2021
The upcoming midranger is expected to be a rebranded Galaxy A22/F22 with a slightly altered back design.

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  • Anonymous

i need more samsung phones to see please send me the site on my opera mini

  • Anonymous 2.0

I hope they'll use G85/90
It should have 5G Variant as M SERIES is popular than A series!

Waste brand re exercise A series M and F

  • Anonymous

can't cost that much cuz a32 is 199euro

I don't see obvious difference between M22, F22, M12, and A22. Samsung is just changing names by manufacturing many phones. I think Redmi is doing better in terms of specs and affordability.

The Android Freak, 14 Jul 2021Xiaomi phones are bought for flashing roms. Very few people... moreyup Miui is getting worse.
currently using poco overlay of miui which some how way worse

r31ya, 14 Jul 2021Yes its priced at €240 in Europe due to tax and stuff but ... moreXiaomi phones are bought for flashing roms. Very few people are interested in MIUI crap.

Barry Egan, 14 Jul 2021Samsung PATHETIC Bloatware Everywhere !! even note 20 ha... moreBuy stock android phones like One Plus or Motorola. ZTE/TCL/Realme.

Yes its priced at €240 in Europe due to tax and stuff
but M21 is currently priced at $160 in my country, so i doubt this will be price anything north of $200 in my country.
And uh, G80 is basically similar with Exy9611 with slightly worse battery life.

You can easily disable facebook in samsung note, tough unfortunately it going to took several extra step to remove.

and a news flash, if facebook or data gathering in samsung is something you worried about, Xiaomi without a doubt will be worse. Xiaomi who have shitloads for bloat app, outright sold user data, have in UI ads, and have been proven to send way more data out from your phone than the user actually notified on.
It would be not that different RealMe and stuff. If a product is too "cheap", good chance that you, the user is the product.

Unless you go Sony or Apple, i doubt you'll find smartphone that is free from facebook or its ilk.

  • azarea

its back cover seems M21 one

Bloatware Everywhere !!
even note 20 has 3 fricking facebook cr@ps preinstalled in it ,and we cant uninstall it 😨 how the frick someone can live with these always running and space eating bloats 😐
i hate samsung.

  • Anonymous

Please use Exynos 9611 for india as it's speed is 2.3Hz and sheety mediatek's speed is 2.0HZ!

  • Anonymous

Why Mediatek??
It's ok if they use exynos 9611 once again

  • Khalid ekbaal

Why launching sme phone again and again...
And worst thing is -just hd display, underpowered chipset, slow charging.

  • Anonymous

Is HD+ (amoled) better then FHD+ (lcd) ?