UBI Research: 97.5% of OLED phones released in H1 2021 had a 6 to 7 inch display

14 July 2021
Only one display was smaller than 6.0", only two went up to 8.0". Most displays have 400-500 ppi pixel density and over about 80-90% of the front.

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  • AlienKiss

Anonymous, 17 Jul 2021FHD+ is the sweet spot for phones up to 6,5" displays ... moreIt depends a lot on what kind of user you are. Some people only play games, others just text, other people like me like to root our phones and get the most out of it, while others just use it to talk or check out the weather. Also, it matters a LOT if your hands are small or big.
But like I said, if you have a good eye sight, you will definitely notice the difference between HD and QHD. I know QHD eats more battery, but I don't have a problem with that because I don't really use the phone so much when I get out of the house except for talking or texting. I also avoid using mobile data. That is the biggest battery drainer if you ask me. Oh, the phone is always set to 2G for battery life and change it when I'm using mobile data.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Jul 2021Because small phones don't sell. The small phone m... moreMore like the youth are poor and oppressed because of the older gen

  • Anonymous

That's disgusting. Phones are way too big, it's like those parody memes

  • Anonymous

AlienKiss, 15 Jul 2021Same here! What's the point of having a display of 6-7... moreFHD+ is the sweet spot for phones up to 6,5" displays in my eyes. I also think that phones up to 6" are ideal for daily and portable use and best for carrying in your jeans and for one-handed use. Also remember the more pixels the phone has to manage the more it drains the battery. So I'm also no fan of displays with more than 60Hz or Always-on-displays. Yet all these things are luckily able to be switched off manually by the user, also when that's not really economical. So better buy a phone that doesn't even have these options when you don't want to use them either.

  • Anonymous

My A52 5G would've been perfect if it had a slightly smaller screen. Anyway, I still use it but regular S21 size would've been perfect for me.

  • AlienKiss

Ala, 15 Jul 2021I am more interested in the Resolution than Screen Size. Fo... moreSame here! What's the point of having a display of 6-7 inches if it has low HD resolution and the pixels per inch are less than 300.
Everything will look blurry, detail is completely lost and it simply ruins the whole experience. I mean the display is what we look at 100% of the time when using the smartphone.
When I switch from QHD to HD on my phone, I can instantly notice it. Whomever says you can't notice it is probably in need for a new pair of glasses.
Everyone was bashing Sony a few years ago when it started making waterproof smartphones, then when they jumped to QHD, then 4K resolutions. People still bash Sony for using 4K on their phones, yet almost every brand out there now has waterproofing or QHD.
One thing is certain: HD resolution with low PPI displays are absolutely horrible for any kind of user. Only a half-blind granny won't notice the difference.
I'd rather have an older high-end flagship with at least QHD and 450+ PPI from a well known brand any day, rather than a new mid-range phone with garbage display and plastic frame.

Honestly, this is more due to aspect resolutions changing than anything else.
If you notice, a 6 inch on 16:9 is huge, but the same on 19.5:9 is a manageably-sized phone.

Of course, I would really love a small phone, having owned Redmi 2 Prime for the last 6-7 years before switching. In my thinking, 5.5-5.8 inch on 20:9 is an ideal size for all purposes... Again, my thumb doesn't reach the top most part easily..

  • John

Ala, 15 Jul 2021I am more interested in the Resolution than Screen Size. Fo... moreLol please, HD resolution is still relevant for battery life. Also, not many people like to use smartphone all the time.

  • Anonymous

AjyKmr, 14 Jul 2021Y does mobile companies think everyone wanted 6+inches m mo... moreIt's not that they think everyone wanted 6+inches, it probably just they found out that 6"+ amoled is easier to manufactured en masse and to slap on everything.
Also it's not like average consumer know what do they want themselves, so they'll just buy any product that was shilled hard everywhere and convinced themselves later that this is what they really want.

  • YoloBS

spoiler alert ! we dont have any good opition

  • Jimbob

The smaller phones are always lacking thats why no one buys them... pixel 4 could have been great with a larger battery + fingerprint... I dont need to carry around king kong while im out & about.

  • Ala

I am more interested in the Resolution than Screen Size. For serious sake just drop that HD+ resolution already we are not living in 2013 back in the Samsung S4 era for any Android Phones. Give us at least QHD from now on.

  • Anonymous

Mampara, 14 Jul 2021Speak for yourself. My teenage kids wants smaller 6 inch fo... moreThere are midrangers though:

Pixel 4a
Pixel 5
Pixel 3a
Galaxy A41
Xperia 10 II
Xperia 10 III

The more obvious problem is that there are literally too few compact and affordable, well equipped flagship phones available on the market.

It's important to note that most of these phones are primarily centered on 6.5" on the graph. That's where the problem lies. I would gladly take a 6" phone, but mainly it's that there are quite a few consumers that want phones that aren't too wide and aren't too tall. Take 2 phones lets call them myPhone and myPhone Pro. The Pro version gets everything and gets a 6.5" screen then the standard version gets a lower mid range SoC worse cameras, a worse screen quality (not size), less memory. Then they price these phones within $100 of each other. It's pretty obvious most people will take the "Pro" version simply because they're getting a better value rather than just "big screen better small screen bad". There have only been 2 phones offering good value for a reasonable price since 2020 with a small screen. Pixel 4a and Zenfone 8. If a company expects me to pay $800+ they better be providing exactly what I want with no compromises.

hmm, 14 Jul 2021Cause they see this type of statistics so they make what ma... moreThis is exactly right. They're skewing the products which creates this scenario.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-986036, 14 Jul 2021I use an Poco F1 with 60hz IPS LCD FHD+ 600 nits Gorilla Gl... morelol you are everywhere , we know that you have a poco f1 with march security update in a phone that is 3 years old
I am the one who say that he has the mi 9 with its super amoled hdr10 display ,sd855 , a charging time of 60minutes with the 27w charger , curved back glass with aluminum very thin frame and a 2x telephoto cam

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Jul 2021Because there are hardly any other sizes phones on the mark... moreBecause small phones don't sell.

The small phone market segment is like the youth vote. Loud online, but absent when it actually matters.

they need a research company to tell them that? do people need a doctor to let them know the US president suffers from the onset of dementia?

  • Anonymous

To those slamming on the 12 mini again (even though it wasn’t even released in H1 2021, but I guess that already shows how Important that phone is), I am perfectly happy with my 4.7 inch iPhone, and when I‘m out, I see many many people who are the same. If they wanted a phone that is sized like those 95% that are 6.5 inch today, they would have bought a plus size model. I still think the main reason why the 12 mini didn’t sell as much as expected is because of the price.

Anonymous, 14 Jul 2021Lot of people don't want small screen. Even Apple disc... moreSpeak for yourself. My teenage kids wants smaller 6 inch fones as well as my wife since their hands are smaller which makes 2 hand operation a must. The problem currently is that smaller 6 inch fones come with high end specs and are not really affordable. We need midrange 6 inch.