Video: How the Nokia 808 PureView made camera phone history

14 July 2021
Take a trip down memory lane with one of the best camera phones ever made.

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  • Mr. Phone

Nokia 808 PureView. The Old phone.

  • Anonymous

Still have it. And still my go to camera for serious photography.

SuuperBaka, 15 Jul 2021Samsung definitely oversaturates out of anyone else not Hua... moreYup, even the S21 Ultra long term review here in this site just confirms about it.

  • Silthicie

DaFink, 15 Jul 2021Was it though? I mean all the talk is centred around the ca... moreYou had the worst Nokia touchscreen phone ever. MeeGo Harmattan OS + N808 sensor would be a great combination...

Nokia?! Toshiba's division that now is Sony's...
Nokia never existed...

  • Woohoo

Dear GSMA team,
PLS also revisit the Nokia Lumia 950XL, especially it's camera processing (and ofc PureView and sound recording)

  • Woohoo

Panino Manino, 15 Jul 2021The channels "TheMrNokia [Abdulla Zaki]" and &quo... moreTrue!!
I also loved the camera shootouts on, the 950XL especially killed the competition in many scenarios in terms of natural image processing.

The channels "TheMrNokia [Abdulla Zaki]" and "WillitbeatNokia?" are still producing content with the 808 (and 1020) comparing it to current phones.

The Nokia 808 PureViews are still expensive 9 years later. Check eBay and they still go for over $300-$400. You can get its predecessor, the N8, for less than $60 on Its successor, the Lumia 1020, can be bought on eBay for $90 and they're brand new but carrier-branded. I guess it's because the PureView was the last Symbian.

"Now that we have the phone in our hands, we might even do a camera shootout with some of the big guns of recent times. Let us know in the comments which cameraphone you would most like to see it compared against."

Snapdragon variant of S21 Ultra (please, just NOT the Exynos variant), Mi 11 Ultra, Mi 11, Find X3 Pro, OnePlus 9 Pro, Xperia 1 III, P50 Pro, and Pixel 6 XL. The last two haven't been out yet but they are definitely worth the wait.

This phone had litterary everything at that time. Nowdays phones are great but copared to what this beauty fo old days is capable with its camera nowdays phones would or should be equivalent of a hubble telescope or better to be equal.

AnonD-936656, 14 Jul 2021iPhone, Samsung and Pixel phones shoot better picstures.good joke.

Shui8, 15 Jul 2021Firstly its not IPS, its ISP. Secondly, Huawei has the l... moreSamsung definitely oversaturates out of anyone else not Huawei, dunno what this guy is talking about

I so want this phone but I already wanted Android OS back then, as signs point to Symbian decline.

S21 Ultra, of course!

And it went downhill from there... Loved the phone. It even had an FM transmitter! And it even does get the updates! One can put the enthusiast-made firmware Delight v1.8 which fixes some broken Nokia services and adds more control of the device.

Still waiting for a true successor of this phone after Lumia 1020

Bobby, 14 Jul 2021Such a pity Nokia stopped making great Symbian phones 😭Was it though? I mean all the talk is centred around the camera, for obvious reasons granted. But how great really was the rest of this device.

And before anybody jumps down my throat (I know how fierce old Symbian fans can get) this is not me knocking the 808, I never even touched one. I did however have a few of the....lets just say less than great touchscreen-based Symbian phones Nokia has belched out by this time, namely the 5800 and N97 (still cringe at the memories I have of both).

so it's just a genuine question, how 'great' was the 808 overall????

Whilst the move to Windows Phone is rightly criticized, and Nokia may well have been better served adopting Android, it was pretty clear that Symbian's best days were behind it by this point, and that it could not be shoehorned into the kind of future that iOS and Android had shown was coming.

Dear GSMarena, I think you guys have to wait for Pixel 6 & Huawei P50 come out before do the comparison. Not too long now. 😉

  • aabood

YUKI93, 15 Jul 2021Lol please, not that joke. The iPhone is an oversharpened m... moreWhen they can't capture quality image, bumping up the sharpness is the only option lol