TEST: Is the Nokia 808 PureView's camera any good in 2021?

18 July 2021
The new sensor size champ takes on the legendary PureView.

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  • Anonymous

Durandal, 06 Sep 2021We know the name of the sensor since the phone was out : To... moreSuch a shame no true successor of this sensor was ever released. At least not in a phone if anything. Even the 1020 was supposedly better for being bsi and did have ois. But the slightly smaller sensor size and heavier processing were noticed. And I don't even know if that one was still toshiba or not.

  • Durandal

haha bobo, 27 Aug 2021Conclusion: The 808 PureView provides the most natural proc... moreWe know the name of the sensor since the phone was out : Toshiba HES9.

The Nokia 808 PureView was such a great device back then, sucks that it is still expensive lmao. ($300 on eBay)

But speaking of megapixels, this one really just rules them all. Not even the S21 Ultra can top it's 41MP sensor.

Because it's a true RGB bayer sensor, unlike most of the tricks that every company uses these days. (cough cough samsung with their 9-in-1 bs with their 108mp sensors cough cough)

Conclusion: The 808 PureView provides the most natural processing and images.

Sucks that Xiaomi let everyone down with their oversharpened processing.
The GN2 still has a lot of potential.

I'm wondering if they compare RAW photos from the GN2 to the 808's sensor. (Nobody knows what is the name of the sensor, who knows what company manufactured it.)

Most AI algorithms nowadays just destroy every single photo with noise reduction and oversharpening.

I prefer natural looks with noise in them, rather than oversharpened photos.

The Only phone that has a photos that look great on my 32" desktop screen are the ones from Nokia. There are so many things that 808's lucks but if You want something close to real camera photography from the phone, that is only possible via Nokia 808 - The King. l wonder what could they done if that photo camera was upgraded trough the years till 2021?

  • stobs

if you're not happy with the 8 year old 808 with its scratched lens etc., can you please sell it to me? i find the colours more natural than mi11. the 808's sharpness could be better compared to mi11 but there is no unnecessary extra saturation or higher colour temperature or gaussian smoothening or artificial brightness & contrast - all these make mi11's images look plastic when zoomed in. Also, i'm sure i could get a better low light performance out of it using manual settings.

  • Anonymous

Akyra, 28 Jul 2021Unfortunately, I can still see the image of the MI on the p... moreCompletely true.
The 808 clearly performed way better in a number of shots as shown in results than what the writer claimed.

  • Akyra

Unfortunately, I can still see the image of the MI on the phone, it is more of an oil painting than a natural photograph of the 808. The 808 is far more natural than the MI from your photographs. It is beautiful to see especially in those photos with a slider. I even get a better 808 in person at the comparison night. That nature is mainly seen on the stem of a tree. Why MI paints so much is strange, he has a big chip, so there's no reason. This is most likely caused by software. With the 808, it doesn't make sense to take photos on Auto. In manual mode you can add more chrome slider and I think it works very well. When it comes to camera control, the 808 has the best. The new Nokias had to make a copy of the shooting controls from the 808 rather than the 1020. The three user modes, the simple scrolling of the exposure properties slider and the filter that really worked (the waterfall was beautifully greasy). The control was natural, simple and professional at the same time. Maybe the choice of shutter speed was a bit lacking, but even so, the sharpness slider or filter solved it. I like to go back to 808 and go take pictures with her.

  • Anonymous

Shocker, 25 Jul 2021"8 year old phone doesn't take as good photos as ... moreThe worst part is that the 8 year old phone actually did better than they are claiming. It did better in many instances.

Still nothing compares to the 808's quality. That soft detail, with slightly muted but natural colours. It was incredible!

  • Shocker

"8 year old phone doesn't take as good photos as a newer phone with better specs”.
What a shock!

Do a test against a new phone with a camera most people can expect to get on their phone in 2021.

  • Philly

Nokia 808 have the most natural captures of all camera phones and no competition yet!

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  • mareers

samcp, 18 Jul 2021No mention of xenon flash on nokia 808??Yes... Portrait shots, especially using Flash in low light conditions would have been good to see.
Sadly, no phones these days have a xenon Flash option.

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  • Panga Steve

As a kind-of thought experiment, I wonder what the results would be if the Nokia used a modern version of Gcam?

  • Shahaamir

The Nokia phone 📱📱 808 PureView's to play with the game family, kids, friends,The New sensor size champ takes on legendary PureView's is new brand 2021.

  • Veryeshmaid

I'm in love! NOKIA & ERICSSON are my favorites.

  • FA11EN

Now remove AI image upscaling / editing of a Xiaomi, and look at the photos again...

  • Anonymous

hang, 21 Jul 2021don't compare to mi 11 ultra . They just did. What are you going to do about it?