Canalys: Xiaomi climbs up as the world's 2nd biggest smartphone maker in Q2 2021

15 July 2021
The news comes from consultancy firm Canalys.

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Swarley1, 16 Jul 2021Wrong, the really important thing about the ban never was ... moreIf it's only about their telecom business, then why US ban GMS to them?

Anonymous, 16 Jul 2021their next step is to make a proper flagship mi 11 ultra i... moreAt least not so over priced like what BBK did in mid-range

US: let's ban them so apple will be the 2nd

  • Anonymous

their next step is to make a proper flagship
mi 11 ultra is blegh, only BBK has experience with making actual propee flagships, for now xiaomi still stuck with midrangers and flagship killers

Proud to be a mifans from South East Asia, xiaomi brings great value at lowest price
Here in SEA where wages under $300 is common, normal person hard to afford iphone or samsung. And xiaomi fill the void with price to performance devices!

Xiaomi should also focus on QC, if they keep on bringing half baked phones to the people at half the price of leading brands to let the consumer detect the faults and rectify these on updates they will lose the confidence of this company. Software is equally important as hardware and by putting better hard ware with pathetic software serves no good to the public. Samsung flagships 5 years old are fast enough but people leave those phones to posted software.

  • An0n

DroidBoye, 16 Jul 2021Xiaomi has improved ever since 2016 that I've owned on... moreAgreed. In terms of cost wise and hardware quality, they deserve the position. Now, if only they can make their OS slimmer and ads free, that would be perfect.

Apparently when you fight with China, it way or another.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Jul 2021The US can make whatever excuse they like and pressure othe... moreThe same goes with China, with how they are bullying smaller countries in SEA and constantly making excuses so I don't see your point here.

  • cyber

very soon they will follow huawei path back to the China

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Jul 2021Look at apple growth... Only 1 percentWell to be fair apple has always been a premium brand so it would be understandable that it would have not much or no increase in market share.

GG now aim for first you are the best.

Anonymous, 16 Jul 2021Why not samsung? Korean!

  • VictorKL

Yeah Xiaomi not bad ^~^

USA ban Xiaomi in name of somesht in 3....2....

  • Anonymous

Look at apple growth...
Only 1 percent

  • Billionaire

Now is the right time for me to buy this company.

Xiaomi has improved ever since 2016 that I've owned one. Whatever they have achieved now, they deserved it.

Anonymous, 16 Jul 2021Huawei was banned because USA and other nations believe Chi... moreWell, at last! Someone who grasps the reality

  • Anonymous

Swarley1, 16 Jul 2021Wrong, the really important thing about the ban never was ... moreThen explain the ban on GMS and smartphone components please, which have nothing to do with their telecom business.