Canalys: Xiaomi climbs up as the world's 2nd biggest smartphone maker in Q2 2021

15 July 2021
The news comes from consultancy firm Canalys.

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Of course, their affordable flagships are unstoppable.

  • Kek

No joke, but Xiaomi's flagship are not worth their price imo. Their midranges are great but their flagships are never that impressive.

Even some Oppo's flagship have been more interesting, and recently, Vivo too has launched good options, like that Orange flagship they had

OhNom, 16 Jul 2021This is getting out of control, we only have 3 companies th... moreTrue, but honestly, when I see the type of answers I receive whenever I remind that diversity is important, I can't help but think that people get what they deserve...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Jul 2021Because the founder got an award from the army for his serv... moreThey're using any shameless excuse to get competitors banned.

Congratuation! As someone working for supply chain company for Xiaomi, really glad to see our biggest partner become No.2(and maybe No.1 in next season/year) in smartphone market

You can't be behind someone and 'neck and neck' with them at the same time'

  • AnonD-986036

Anonymous, 16 Jul 2021Well done Xiaomi. Wish you'd make a decent spec compac... moreMi 11 Lite 5G

There it goes ceo tim a*ple lobbying, talking with the president of usa so xiaomi is banned like huawei

  • Anonymous

Well done Xiaomi. Wish you'd make a decent spec compact phone without the flagship price tag.

I actually like the way Xiaomi went last year. I just hope they change up their designs a little (away from Samsung-ish stuff). They had their own style I used to like.

Looking at the market I hope ASUS is next to step up their game. Xiaomi is already established (could be better in europe). Phones today are pretty stale and "flat" at this point. Improving what we already have, not trying to stand out. Xiaomi is still doing some funny stuff, however I believe it's ASUS only atm who are doing something different from what the others do, even if it's only about bringing things back we used to have but forgot we want.

I hope we will see something more interesting this year.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Jul 2021USA already put xiaomi in the list of investment ban before... moreBecause the founder got an award from the army for his services.
USA thought he was working for the gov.
This is why xiaomi was on blacklist for while.
But not anymore.

  • Anonymous

Xiaomi picking up where Huawei left off.

  • Anonymous

No surprise... They really hit the spot for flagship & midrange ...

Mi 11 series & redmi note 10 really boost the sales ... Plus some of the Poco model ...

Early this year I got poco x3 as temporary replacement for my daily driver .. but til now.. I stuck with this especially after root... Everything feel great ...make me think, why would I spend more on flagships..

MIUI covers up stock Android. Even if you update Android to 12, you won't really see or experience it. MIUI is the layer on top of it.

  • Anonymous

Smells like security and global threat for US and it's favorite eastern allie
Adios Xiaomi you where a good brand

  • Anonymous

Xiaomi needs to invent a new brand if they wish to sell 1000+ euro phones in the west like Oppo did with OnePlus.

  • AnonD-986036

Gogo Xiaomi! I use Poco F1 since launch and have no issues at all! Good phone for cheap!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Jul 2021Xiaomi does not have infrastruture for telecon like Huawei ... moreDid you not know about the previous ban on Xiaomi frim the US government? It was only lifted after Xiaomi obtained an injunction from the US courts.

  • messo

Okay....Be ready for the entity list

  • Anonymous

Apple is next Blackberry