Weekly poll: Nintendo Switch OLED vs. Valve Steam Deck

18 July 2021
Two portable gaming consoles released within a week from each other - though the similarities may end here.

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Livius, 19 Jul 2021You missed something very important budy and let me show yo... moreFlops are meaningless when you comparing different architecures. Deck 1.6tflops rdna 2 is definitely faster than original ps4 1.8tflop gpu. Somewhere in rough numbers Deck is definitely in a middle between ps4 and ps4 pro gpu.

Anonymous, 18 Jul 2021PS4 Pro has 4,2TF and this barely gives 1,6TF so how can it... moreIt is defibitely faster than ps4. Even os4 has 1.8flop it has super outdated architecture, while Steam Deck has RDNA 2, so it definitely much faster than ps4 gpu also Deck cpu obliterates ps4 cpu. In general it is much faster devoce than ps4. Somewhere graphicaly in between ps4 and ps4 pro

Anonymous, 18 Jul 2021Steam no physical games so no gaming offline/temporary owne... moreThere is litteraly no game that 4 core / 8thread ryzen cannot handle, cpu's are not matter in PC gaming as long as you have decent 4/8 combination. Gpu will be sole bottleneck here. Bit considering it will run stuff on 720p screen, it should handle most of PC games with high fidelity graphics, it is little beast for sure

Lol, where is no competition here. Steam Deck pretty much obliterates Switch. Switch was great as solo handheld on market with some impressive ports like Skyrim, Deamon Souls or Witcher 3, but Steam Deck its litteraly next gen step. Not only is massively more powerfull but it will play PC games on high fidelity graphics just imgaine running GTA 5 and RDR2 on this thing, Switch can retire now, let PC handhelds take care of Handheld need :)

  • Anonymous

Right now, the Switch wins hands down because of its unique games and controllers.

If the Steam Deck succeeds however, I can seeing Nintendo pushing out the Switch Pro faster, which is a definite plus.

  • Anonymous

toastyman, 19 Jul 2021At the end is all about the games, the only way to play nin... moreThe steam deck has a switch emulator

  • Dan

I already have the original switch and i don't see the point of upgrading to the new switch. I will definitely get the steam deck.

  • Nicx

won't make up my fvcking mind yet - i'd go for steam deck too .. but the question that really bothers me is .. is it really what it claims to be? like is it bug-free? no lag? easy linking to steam? wish it would be release sooner so we can really test it out and see how it really performs .. i have no ttust in specs, not until you play a game for the long run .. maybe it has issues like black screen or drifting .. or heating .. those things we should consider before buying .. don't know how it can also excite me as i'm happy playing pc games, steam deck just is just an excuse to play pc games in smaller screens and what about when you go out? we don't know if the games are playable when outside with no issue. lot of thoughts. lol

  • Anonymous

Steam Deck for sure. Switch did fans dirty by not fixing the actual issues the Switch has. Still will have drift and with the bigger screen but nothing else fixed its like they didn't do anything at all.

  • Mr...

Anonymous, 19 Jul 2021Both? No option for both in the poll, kinda strange but ... moreI agree, where's the option for both? I'm a 43 year old gamer since the 80s and has an income that can support more than just one system.. Kinda tired of the this or that.. I'll just get all of it because they all offer a litte something different that the other doesn't have and vice versa

  • Anonymous

Kaihaku, 19 Jul 2021I'm totally on board for a 'serious' Switch ... more"that might motivate some actual hardware developers to release a decent take on a 'serious' Switch."

this! totally agree

  • Anonymous

Akinaro, 19 Jul 2021Oh for god sake, Steam deck is not rival of Switch or even ... moreI fully agree with that statement.

It's like Android vs iOS or Xbox Vs PlayStation, you know upfront how such polls end up in the end.

  • Anonymous


No option for both in the poll, kinda strange but really I am one of those rare people it seems.

Switch for exclusives and Steam Deck for my Steam library.

Anonymous, 19 Jul 2021Lmao. Would you like to be reminded how this site's au... moreYour point?

Kingslayer, 18 Jul 2021I would go Steam Deck because it's only $50 more and i... moreYou missed something very important budy and let me show you what you've missed from the link you shared and you didn't bother to read until the end :

" Sony PlayStation 4 Pro with its AMD Radeon-based GPU clocked at 911MHz, it offers 4.2 teraFLOPS. This is 2.2x as much as the original PS4 ". Stop fooling yourself.

Akinaro, 19 Jul 2021Oh for god sake, Steam deck is not rival of Switch or even ... moreI know, right ? This pool is stupid AF. It's the same thing like comparaing iOS with Android.

  • toastyman

At the end is all about the games, the only way to play nintendo games is with a switch, but it's true that nintendo is getting too greedy lately

  • Weeduyingkuriszh

I'll probably wait up until the actual product gets reviewed.
If the products does live up to it's claim, it's better than buying a gaming laptop and phone.
At such price, you can't get anything better. 16GB ram and 512SSD.
Even a gaming laptop and gaming phone easily cost over 1000 USD.

  • Anonymous

can vote via the link but not the embedded strawpoll. Using google chrome on mac

  • Paradox

1one, 19 Jul 2021get Yuzu emulator and you can play switch games at higher q... moreCan the Deck's specs support yuzu at playable fps though? Looking at those specs I would not be too excited.