Realme Pad renders show out the tablet from all angles

19 July 2021
There’s even a stylus slot in the bottom left corner.

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Minu, 20 Jul 2021They could've easily put navigation buttons on the bot... moreOr dedicated stereo speakers

Davy Jones, 19 Jul 2021Those bezels are so 2016They could've easily put navigation buttons on the bottom bezel and save some screen space

This is basically a rebranded Lenovo tablet

  • Anonymous

Let's hope if there is Windows11 Tablet with the features:

1. 5G Sim Connectivity for Call
2. Android App - All Apps!
3. Stylus
4. Min AmoLED
5. 8gb/256gb to 12gb/1TB
6. Dual USB C Ports

then it's possibly ahead of Samsung Tab S7, iPad.

  • YoloBS

whats th point of android tab ? google alredy gives up on tablets , there not very tab frindly apps on google play store .

Those bezels are so 2016

  • Anonymous

AnonD-1003038, 19 Jul 2021Realme is really unoriginal. MagDart, now Realme Pad, it�... moreXiaomi with mi pad says hi

  • masureadityaramkisha

What is the price of the Realme Pad

  • Anonymous

If the specifications and price is right. I might buy this even though the screen size is not the ideal size I'm looking for. I'm still waiting for new iPad Mini 🥴

  • cyber

only apple logo is missing

I hope it is 3.5mm instead of style hole..

7100 mah battery is pretty small man

Should be at least 10000mah.. smartphones already have 7000mah and even 10000.. and we this tablet can't fit in a 10k? Smh

Introducing One Plus Pad only 300 Extra

Great im now im deciding this and Mi pad 5...let's see how the stylus performs..

  • AnonD-1003038

Realme is really unoriginal. MagDart, now Realme Pad, it's like they can't make up anything original so they just copy it from Apple.