Poco F3 GT gets landing page on Flipkart that covers all the key features

19 July 2021
There's a switch that pops up a hardware shoulder key, plus advanced cooling for the Dimensity 1200 chipset, a 120 Hz OLED display and great audio.

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Ranny, 22 Jul 2021Over hyped processor dimensity cant even run Pubg in 60fps ... moreYeah .....true fact😂😂

Ranny, 22 Jul 2021Over hyped processor dimensity cant even run Pubg in 60fps ... moreYeah .....true fact😂😂

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Ranny, 22 Jul 2021Over hyped processor dimensity cant even run Pubg in 60fps ... moreSources?

Some others show something else : over 80 FPS.
Note that pubg put some software limitations on some devices its doesn't know.

K40 GEE carries Genshin impact with highest settings better than Exynos 2100 and some SD888 based devices!
Some other sources :

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What is the price?

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Ranny, 22 Jul 2021Over hyped processor dimensity cant even run Pubg in 60fps ... moreYeah but I still want to buy it
So jokes on you pal 🤣😭

  • Ranny

Over hyped processor dimensity cant even run Pubg in 60fps in medium settings where as 3 year old Snapdragon 855 can easily run pubg in 60 FPS in HDR settings. Mediatek pay alot of money for fake promotion

I'm still tryna ask this simple question....

Would the f3 gt be made available to the global market?

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Techgeek91, 20 Jul 2021Should this device have launched with sd 870...it would be ... moreI prefer D1200 because Mediatek is more afordable.
Not to mention that D1200 is Cortex A78 vs. SD870 only Cortex A77.
Then the D1200 is dual 5G.

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Truth, 20 Jul 2021Mediatek never reliable for more than a year if it was qual... moreThis was the past.
Dimensity is solid.
Very good

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Anonymous, 21 Jul 2021Am I the only one that thinks that changing from a SD 870 t... moreIt's smart move because the Dimensity 1200 is dual 5G & Cortex A78.

Just curious is this model would be made global coz it would be highly appreciated

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Am I the only one that thinks that changing from a SD 870 to a mediatek 1200 in a gaming phone is a dumb move?

L.O.R.D, 21 Jul 2021Yes that is true. The pop-up camera is not that fragile as ... moreTrue, and as I have already explained, the pop up actually don't take much space anyway.
And the issue with underdisplay camera is privacy, it can never have it, unlike the pop up.

Actually the pop up made noise because it helped discover/prove that we are actually spied from the front camera as they did pop up quite a lot when they shouldn't have.
And it is a no-brainer that it still happen, except that the phones with pop up have been filtered out, so they don't activate the pop up and people forgot about it.

" The page covers the 'unique details' that confirm this phone’s identity as a rebadged Redmi K40 Gaming Edition. "

I like how GSMArena used the phrase "unique details" to refer to a rebadged phone. Probably, they're taking a jab on Xiaomi for excessive rebranding...

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Castiel47, 20 Jul 2021A gaming phone with no headphone jack Lmao

Demongornot, 20 Jul 2021They discontinued it because too many idiots were saying to... moreYes that is true. The pop-up camera is not that fragile as some people have questioned it to be. In fact there are and have been since ages, smartphone designs far more complex and elaborate when compared to the pop-up selfie camera, for example the foldable phones which currently are a very fragile in several ways such as the screen of course, not only it is without any sort of protection in most folding phones but also leaves a crease in the middle, and also the folding mechanism contains moving parts with complexity and thus prone to failures in the long run, or in the short too although that remains to be seen if they really do not break with prolonged usage. The LG Wing or the Galaxy A80 are another examples where the design are far complex than the usual pop-up selfie camera. Even the Zenfone 7 Flip has the entire set of it's rear cameras along with the LED flash to flip up up when engaged the selfie cam. So yes pop-up cameras don't seem to be that much of any issue after all. Also they have shown to hold a lot of weight and abuse so they could not be so fragile after all, also they provide an unobstructed display in phones and are not too costly to put. The only downside I can think of is the amount of space they take up in phones but if there are phones that can feature big batteries and a 3.5 mm jack along with the pop-up camera then maybe the internal space is not an actual issue but the decision by manufacturers that save costs perhaps. A hole in the display seems less of an effort than a rising camera along with its moving parts. Unless there are true under display cameras that does not affect the display quality, pop-up cameras do not seem to be all that bad but it all comes down to what features do people prefer in their phones as that is after all what is going to be the trend in phones but me personally would not mind a pop-up selfie cam in my phone since the display remains untouched by any blemishes

Anonymous, 20 Jul 2021The pop-up selfie camera was a better implementation but th... moreThey discontinued it because too many idiots were saying total nonsense about it, like saying it has durability issues, or that it is fragile, or that "moving parts are a problem" or "the industry is trying to move away from moving parts", or that it prevent "waterproof", or that water and dust will kill the phone.

Yet there are no more reported issues from phones with pop up than from any other products, and even there the pop up are rarely the culprit, it is hard to find any relevant number of reports about pop up's related issues.

Literally :
The whole phone isn't eternal, and yes it has wear, but so does the battery, the display and the electronic, and so far the Vivo Nex A proved that pop up can exceed the 3 years marks after which most users replace their phones, and they did so while still working as new and having little to no signs of wear.

There aren't fragile at all, they survive many falls, the display (which is costlier by itself and harder to replace) is much more susceptible to break, and they can only break when the pop up is out and the phone fall on it, which already is a quite unlucky occurrence.

Many modern techs still prefer moving parts who proved their worth over non-moving parts equivalent, and the industry is clearly not seriously saying that outside of having a selling argument (note that only companies who are the firsts to make non-moving parts alternatives say such things, it then is completely forgotten), and if anything they proved in many occasions to be more reliable than non-moving parts alternatives, the world's most critical things often relies on moving parts.

Not only it doesn't prevent IP rating that they think is "waterproofness", as the Poco F2 Pro is IP53 rated, but also it could be improved to be actual waterproof.
More importantly, IP rating by itself isn't a guarantee as many IP67 and IP68 rated phones still die regularly from liquid damages, the funny part is that, by equivalent numbers, there are fewer phones with pop up that die from liquids than IP68 rated phones, simply because people are more careful, while thinking the phone is a submarine (even them aren't waterproof actually) mean that many get their phones in conditions where it gets damaged or destroyed.

And while dust can indeed kill electronic, most often it is conductive dust like those find in workshops, I've never heard of any computer killed by dust, yet I've seen extremely dusty ones where we literally could grab a handful of dust easily, and even less smartphones.
The only issue is some pop up were stuck because of dust, and just using the pop up calibration feature simply untucked them and let them free for a while (years ?).

Same with the "battery" argument that the Poco F2 Pro totally proved wrong by having an above average battery capacity and capacity to body ratio than many phones, including those having the same dimensions, I've written a big comment about it here :
And this is despite the Poco F2 Pro having other things that did take a bit of internal space.

Same with the cost argument despite the Poco F2 Pro being one of the cheapest phones with the SD865 while having more features than most and many phone with pop up being in the cheap range (100 to 200)...

Yet, everytime we talk about pop up, someone has to bring those "arguments", and express them as if looking at the pop up would wear it down, or if a bird were to tweet at a 10Km minimum distance it would break, or as if the moving parts would crush you alive, or that if there is more than 0.01% of air humidity in the neighboring town the phone would fry, same if you were to get more than a perfect vacuum the phone would fill with so much stuff it would collapse into a black hole...
And I am not even sure I exaggerated them that much compared to them exaggerating issues that don't even exist...

So yeah, that's the reason why, those fearmongers have scared people away, and since the smartphone market don't care about how appreciated a feature is, but rather would stop features for no reasons despite them being superior, well...

A gaming phone with no headphone jack

Yuri84, 20 Jul 2021No headphone jack? Not cool.no power brick??? like Apple/Samsung...no way with them....there are smarter way to invest in a powerful phone...

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gamimg phone with screen cutout and No headphone jack ? how its diffrent then " other " phone ? just Gaming Trigger !