Check out our Flashback video revisit of the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini

21 July 2021
In our new Flashback videos, we revisit some of our favorite handsets from the past.

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  • TeddY

pt020, 24 Jul 2021Never had any problem with it ... Bluetooth works as it sho... moreActually the phones were "Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman", but it was more or less the same phone as Xperia mini, with just a different design.

  • pt020

TeddY, 23 Jul 2021Had two of this Sony xperia mini...every time i used Blueto... moreNever had any problem with it ... Bluetooth works as it should.. do not know what are you talking about.
Still have the phone, works as new.

L.O.R.D, 21 Jul 2021Yes. I owned an SP and it was just one of the prettiest pho... moreSP was the coolest. Wish they'd incorporate such design on their next models. Sony phones are built to last.

  • Eww eww

All your comments to sony phone is ugly....

I only buy one sony phone 2009 but their are friendly,, shortcut wise, sounds and performance,, durable,,

You always endorse fancy, OA phone,,,easy to wreck good for one year performance....

  • Libra blue

And now I'm using a XZ 1...A very unique phone...
I have a few collection of Sony phone~
K300/ K900/ W710/ W995/ J108/ X10i and xperia ion
The J108 X10i and xperia ion still working fineπŸ‘
I love Sony phone πŸ˜„

  • Libra blue

I'm still using a x10i as a leisure phone...It's still in tip top condition n battery still last long...πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • TeddY

Had two of this Sony xperia mini...every time i used Bluetooth it would go into bootloops...and no upgrade fix from Sony. Since then you would have to pay me to use a Sony phone.

  • Anonymous

Keep these up! It's cool to know what we've gained and

  • Anonymous

klv12gcn, 21 Jul 2021I remember them too. Like this one: https://m.gsmarena.... moreYes they are. I had the sp and would like to buy one again if they release it with refreshed specs

L.O.R.D, 21 Jul 2021The Xperia phones that came after were some of the pretties... moreI remember them too.

Like this one:

And this one:

Even today, I still think they're pretty.

  • pt020

still have the Xperia mini pro, works as new, best phone I have ever owned.
Did all you need and did it well, pocket size,
also the Camera was very good for 5mp.

  • jNO

This was my first smartphone. Bought the X10 mini gold version and only lasted for a week before it died.

  • Anonymous

I had one of these in 2010 and it was too small for my big fingers. And when I had it all it ever did was reboot itself several times a day even in my pocket

  • Anonymous

I've used Sony Ericsson T610 T630 T650 K750 K770. And Sony Xperia C M L Z Z1 Z2 Z3. Z3 was legendary phone until it suddenly became very slow and I had to sell it. Now using Samsung S6 Edge. A bit laggy but fast enough.

  • RJ

Still got one, still in use as a kitchen clock.

  • Anonymous

Carol, 21 Jul 2021This day, that would be called nanoWell.. It's still better than HMD Nokia

  • SonyLover

That's mini. These days phone makers lost sense for mini and compact. Also, in the past Sony had phones gamma where everyone could find phone for himself/herself, and you would be proud to have it. Today, every phone is similar and lost it's personality.

Also miss a flowery editions of Sony phones like W595.

I got still my old slider phone, though not working, it was fun to use.

My 80 year old uncle still have this phone as his main phone, which he uses an 1-2 hours a day for the past 8-9 years. My cousin already gave him an 2 ipad, samsung S8 and a netbook, but rarely use them. He mentioned that he needs a phone to call and a screen saver of his grand daughter to carry around. We tried to install facebook , but even the lite version wouldnt work :(