Check out our Flashback video revisit of the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini

21 July 2021
In our new Flashback videos, we revisit some of our favorite handsets from the past.

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Anonymous, 21 Jul 2021ye, my first xperia is the miro, which has a subtle led str... moreYes. I owned an SP and it was just one of the prettiest phone I ever used. The illuminating light bar was a real pleasure to look at. Well phones did have a notification LED back then but an entire strip of light running down at the bottom of the phone was so exciting and it was only found in Xperia phones. It would light up while charging the phone, and changed its colours along the way, like red at the beginning, then green as the phone nears a full charge. It would dance and sync with the music playback or light up in the same colour of the content as I browsed through the gallery. It also did a lot more tricks and was one of the best Xperia phones I used as it was a quite a compact phone and easy to grip although the Xperia Z and Z Ultra and other Xperia that I used were all equally stunning in their own ways. Sony should craft such phones again I wish. I would like to buy again

Video flashback is cool!
Wanna see more like this.

  • Retro

Flashback videos or just text reviews with some pictures would be great. How it feels to use good old phones today, what are pros and cons.

  • Anonymous

chris1998, 21 Jul 2021I honestly think since the Ericsson partnership ended Sonys... moreYes, Sony and Ericsson should join together as partners

  • Hotkolbas

Yeah I have the x10i and loved the mini range, I would have preferred the x10 mini pro with the slide out keyboard

  • Anonymous

L.O.R.D, 21 Jul 2021The Xperia phones that came after were some of the pretties... moreye, my first xperia is the miro, which has a subtle led strip... not as large as the u, s, p, sp... i still use it as music player...
i think sp is the most "flashy" as the lights synch with the beat... like those sony portable speakers... xb series...

I honestly think since the Ericsson partnership ended Sonys phones haven't been the same. The kids of today won't know the sound quality of the song Ericsson Walkman phones

  • Big X10

Will always remember when I had the full size X10 and one guy asked if it's a tablet


  • Sammy

I have the pro version of that tiny phone, which had a full slide-out qwerty keyboard, in a drawer somewhere. Bought it as a gift to my sister, in red too, but she ended up with an iPhone instead, lol. Never used it since!

Imagine a modernized version of this phone with a taller 18:9 or 19:9 screen without those physical buttons, Android Go, and a modern entry-level chipset while still keeping that tiny form factor. I would definitely think of buying one.

  • Carol

This day, that would be called nano

i still have this phone..!

  • Anonymous

Yes the Mini pro was my first „Smartphone“. It was not much of an upgrade from my cheap Nokia feature phone tho, as the most intense apps it could run from the Android Market (yes) we’re TicTacToe and WhatsApp. I would not have recommended it to anyone, but rather spend 100$ more on a real smartphone.

Yeah.... Continuously following this page for 10 years now. It was one of the first reviews that I read on this website. If you can post a flashback of Xperia Ray because I simply loved the design of that phone. It was one of the prettiest smartphone at that time. Thanks a lot #GSMArena team for providing great tech contents over the past decade 😁

I remember this one, that line from Sony was popular during it's time, but this particular model was a bit too small. Anyway it was a good choice to those who wanted a good new phone, a "smartphone" but was yet not too into it.

rizki1, 21 Jul 2021when Ericsson parted ways with Sony slowly Sony went bad. W... moreThe Xperia phones that came after were some of the prettiest smartphone designs ever. A lot of them had an illuminating bar at the bottom that would light up at notifications and while swiping through gallery photos and for other purposes

when Ericsson parted ways with Sony slowly Sony went bad. Watch Sony release low end phones from Xperia tipo, E series etc it was good but now only high end. Who buys their high end phone?

  • Anonymous

Motherboard died within a month. Had to get it replaced.

  • Kim

I remember to having this as my 1st ever android device in 2010 together with htc nostalgic when seeing this back

I used a similar phone long ago. It was not Android but the design was the same. Sony Ericsson Yendo was the name of it perhaps. It was a tiny phone but I remember the loudspeaker was so loud. It was the second Sony phone I used. The first being the W200 Walkman and then later on the W350 Walkman that I used for a brief period. My cousin had a P990 that was a chunky piece of a phone. Good old days of the Sony Ericsson phones