Gorilla Glass with DX and DX+ will protect the camera lenses of your next flagship

23 July 2021
Bringing improvements to optics and scratch resistance.

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Anonymous, 27 Jul 2021For the past 14yrs I have never used a mobile device with a... moreThe phone is designed in such a way that it SHOULD break its glass, but the phone's working should not stop/ be affected.

Now, why should the glass break? So that service centers get a reason to earn income from users, and a profitable business model is ensured.
What do you think, the typical Galaxy S7, S8, S9, S10, S20, S21 series of phones and their Note equivalents, why do they require $200+ to replace their glass? (Source: Samsung service website India, Rs. 15xxx)

They're designed to break. Hence, you must use a case anyhow.

Anonymous, 27 Jul 2021For the past 14yrs I have never used a mobile device with a... moreWell thats your way.
I always had expensive devices but i was worrying for any scratches so i always used boojk case and a screen protector.
Book case i also used as a wallet because i use many cards and need some space to store my ID and other simmilar things.

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CptPower, 26 Jul 2021Any case does the same tricks for much less in price. And... moreFor the past 14yrs I have never used a mobile device with any sort of screen protector or phone case, I can't buy a device Worth hundreds of dollars and I will opt to be hiding it in 100cent phone case. The beauty of every phone is using it the way it was designed.

Any case does the same tricks for much less in price.
And only clumsy people will use their phones without any case.
Thus to my honest opinion.

Anonymous, 24 Jul 2021Jerry Rig is the best 👌amen

Anonymous, 23 Jul 2021"Protruding cameras going to be the norm...." ... moreDifficult to avoid with how manufacturers are using bigger sensors

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Anonymous, 25 Jul 2021Come on. You're hilarious. People understand how a scr... moreNow you're saying everyone's suddenly a materials expert. Right. Being shocked that "other phones" don't scratch that easily also tells me you're in fact clueless. Glass only has two axis of resistance if you draw its scale of resistance. It's either super shatter resistant or it's either super scratch resistant. You can't max out both axis of the scale. Manufacturers always try to find the best balance between both. What thing people seem to whine about the most? It's shatter resistance. Which means the glass will automatically be softer and less scratch resistant. Yes, you in fact don't understand how materials science works when it comes to glass and you people also don't understand that Apple doesn't use off the shelf Gorilla Glass display glass like everyone else. Corning is their supplier and they are making a custom glass composition for Apple. It's why it has different properties than others and because everyone whines about shatter resistance being priority, they apparently use a softer glass composition. You people really have no clue about basics.

[deleted post]These guys will try to convince you that Apple cutting costs is actually a new feature.
Don't bother trying to logically argue with them.

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AnonD-1003038, 24 Jul 2021You brag about getting facts correctly and then you literal... moreCome on. You're hilarious. People understand how a screen get scratched. Your obvious explanation is so silly. The point is that the screens of other phones don't get scratched that easily.

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Anonymous, 24 Jul 2021You get your facts correct joker. IPhone display scratchin... moreYou brag about getting facts correctly and then you literally say that two identical materials easily scratch each other and you're all shocked about it? LOL? You don't even understand how material hardness works and you're attacking others for it?

Let me educate you. Softer materials can't scratch harder ones. But if material is of identical hardness, they'll both get scratched a bit. So, being shocked over two identical displays grinding against each other and getting scratched is pretty hilarious. XD

Anonymous, 24 Jul 2021Oh boy!!! Another new naming scheme to charge a premium pri... moreYes, only new name otherwise gimmicks! For now Xperia does best in this regard to erase the flares and have great night shots!

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anonymous, 24 Jul 2021Its not fake, real sapphire crystals are being used in lens... moreYou get your facts correct joker.
IPhone display scratching just by putting two phones on top of each other.
It gets scratched so easily

At the end of the day glass is glass and glass will break no matter how you call it

I can't explain how a company named "Gorilla Glass" is still in business

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AnonD-1003038, 23 Jul 2021How many users shatter their displays or camera lenses? Few... moreHave you even seen sapphire? It'll be reflection mess.

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TheWanderer, 24 Jul 2021lmfao "glass is glass" -jerryrigeverythingJerry Rig is the best 👌

Nick Tegrataker, 24 Jul 2021This coating is specifically for the lens cover glass, and ... moreThere is not coating solely. It's the last lens element, much like a UV filter on an ILC lens. The lens elements remain the same, as is. This is the final layer on a smartphone camera lens system.

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Oh boy!!! Another new naming scheme to charge a premium price for a glass.

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Dra, 23 Jul 2021Just use saphireSapphire is much more expensive to make and causes issues like internal and surface reflection and reduced visibility which are both totally undesirable for camera lenses.

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[deleted post]Its not fake, real sapphire crystals are being used in lens cover but not in adequate quantity, that's why they still scratch, and yes I hate Apple for this too as they should mention this clearly.

Not defending Apple but they do mention this in fine print, though.

Also, ceramic shield is mostly the same process as used in Victus (both designed by Corning) and if you see JerryRigEverything video on ceramic shield, he shows that scratches are still there at level 6 but lesser than usual as compared to other screens.

Drop test comparison between iPhone 12 Pro Max and Galaxy S21 Ultra on PhoneBuff just prove how rigid and strong the design of new iPhones is where S21 Ultra badly shatters and iPhone survives even the most horrible tests.

Get facts right before trolling.

YUKI93, 23 Jul 2021It can prevent the camera lens from getting shattered by an... morelmfao

"glass is glass"