Flashback: Sony Ericsson Satio and a look at how far camera phones have come in the last decade

25 July 2021
They grown bigger and more powerful, but some still shoot at 12 MPresolution - the Satio was one of the first to hit that number.

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SpiritWolf, 25 Jul 2021And 'rethink' came as Belle was better than Spydr... moreUnfortunately this is what happened and now you are stuck with 2 OSs that allow all of this stuff.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Jul 2021Very little difference at daytime photos. It exposes a subj... moreCouple weeks ago on reddit I saw photo taken by pixel 5 (daylight photo).

Subject was a car. The car was so underexposed to preserve the sky , at the point you cannot tell if car is white, silver or light beige.
I do not understand the point of this.

  • Anonymous

Kingslayer, 25 Jul 2021Wish they made another Xperia Compact phone the same size a... moreTo sell 20.000 units while larger one sells more than 1.000.000?

  • Jimbob

blue.sun, 25 Jul 2021Majority of producers used mini or micro USB ports in 2009,... moreHmm i dont think so.. Samsung F480i Aug 2009 uses its own connector no micro usb.... the fact is it wasnt inexcusable.... using micro usb in phone today would be inexcusable!

  • Phoney

I remember buying this around 600$+ at the time many people have Blackberries. My brother had the Pixon but Satio appeared so much cooler with the sliding mechanism. I wish the screen was already capacitive. Xenon flash ftw. But my all time fave is still W960 Walkmanphone.

TsepzGP, 25 Jul 2021What an awesome throwback, I remember this phone starting i... moreAnd 'rethink' came as Belle was better than Spydroid at this time. Unfortunately, it wasn't 'new and cool', plus Spygle was widely seen as likable rebel back then, so it lost.

Xenon flash is better than what the have on all camera phone Today....

  • Kaja

Of course, that in daytime, differences are not huge. In fullscreen, even DSLR would not be game changer in these scenes. But, it would capture more details. And new new Xperia captures much more details. So where is the problem?
The bigger challenge has been always night photography and massive improvement (despite Xperia is not the top of camera phones now)

  • blue.sun

walkman8, 25 Jul 2021The difference in daytime isn't THAT drastic consideri... moreThe difference is huge - especially in the amount of detail present in Xperia's photos (and considering that Xperia 1 III is not the top camera phone it is even worse).

The difference in daytime isn't THAT drastic considering the 10-year gap. It's disappointing, actually. Night time - sure, the difference is obvious. However, I think the shot of the statue taken by Satio is better than Xperia's as it seems more realistic

  • TC

Shoe shot with Xenon flash is way sharper tough...

  • Anonymous

Very little difference at daytime photos. It exposes a subject a lot better because it doesn't care about the sky or clouds and that's the sole reason why Xperisa 1 II underexposes, so it can preserve clouds. That kind of makes sense because today the biggest no no in mobile photography are burnspots for some unjustified reason. People point at burnspots first before checking if subject is actually exposed properly or if it's all dark just so background could be exposed as well. Then we have the typical HDR trick that turns white areas into yellow or blue so burnsports are not white but instead filled with color. Those are all the things people get tricked into.

Btw one of my favorite phones ever i Sony Ericsson S001 so gorgeus

  • blue.sun

Alpha, 25 Jul 2021Better have an ancient port that no port at all..Which producer had no ports in 2009?
And today... I need only charging, the rest is wireless. No jack, no card. Even SIM can be removed.

  • gokksun

Olym1mk2, 25 Jul 2021Don't forget the Nokia n8. The competitor to the Sony ... moreand LG GC990 Louvre with 12 MP camera with Schneider-Kreuznach optics and xenon flash first lg phone with 12 mpx camara released june 2009 years

Sony Ericsson made some fantastic feature phones as well and till this day there has not been any like that made, seems crazy the so called feature phones today have gone backwards in development.

  • Alpha

blue.sun, 25 Jul 2021Majority of producers used mini or micro USB ports in 2009,... moreBetter have an ancient port that no port at all..

What an awesome throwback, I remember this phone starting it’s prerelease life out as the Sony Ericsson Idou and eventually becoming Satio, good times, it did take forever to go official though and was plagued with bugs when it eventually launched. Symbian S60 5th edition was just not ready for prime time at all although Samsung did a fine job with it on the i8910 OmniaHD with their TouchWiz layer as they were pumping lots of money and resources into it all. The choice was between Nokia 5800XM, N97/N97-Mini, SE Satio and Samsung OmniaHD i8910, I remember getting the 5800XM and the very next year jumping to Android with the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10i, the 5800XM was my quick dabble with S60 5th Edition and it made me realize Symbian was done, I had previously owned Symbian S60 3rd edition phones like Nokia N80 and N81 which were fabulous keypad driven devices, but on full touch interface Symbian needed a good rethink. While I had the SE X10 I did also get a Nokia N8-00 which ran Symbian^3 (Anna) and eventually got updated to Belle, but the interface always had this rigid incomplete feel to it, while Android on my X10 simply got better and far slicker by the update, by the time my X10 got Android Gingerbread I could not even bare to use a Symbian device, though I have to say hardware wise Symbian phones were absolutely amazing, that 808 PureView is still an incredible device.

Rkm, 25 Jul 2021That seems to be 35mm eq lens. Nice. My kind of focal length. πŸ˜‰

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Pls a revisit of the Lumia 950XL !!πŸ™πŸ»

  • blue.sun

Kingslayer, 25 Jul 2021Wish they made another Xperia Compact phone the same size a... moreAnd suffer another disaster, such as Apple with iPhone 12 mini. No one would buy it, because Sony would ask for absurd money for it.