Xiaomi unveils 27" 165Hz gaming monitor, Wi-Fi 6 router, a new scooter and an air fryer

26 July 2021
Xiaomi is expanding its selection of smart home gadgets available in Europe. 

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We gotta get that starwars 6 😂😂

  • hmm

What is the 15th picture ? It looks like a mini washing machine.
And will the air fryer really be good if it dont use oil ? One of the part that fryed food is good is that it's made in oil

The scooter is cool and I like the router. Hope they can make a cheaper dual band version of this spider router with quad core processor.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Jul 2021Xiomi targeting up. Prices are jacked up.As long as the quality is up who cares?

  • Anonymous

The monitor and scooter are something for me.

JohnNy L, 26 Jul 2021The cooter looks cool!! I want it..*Scooter

The cooter looks cool!!

I want it..

  • Anonymous

Can anybody tell me the model of the best/most expensive Xiaomi wireless earbuds? Is it good enough? Bass is very important. Do Xiaomi earbuds have good bass? Thanks.

This Monitor 😏👌🔥🔥🔥
But a OLED monitor would be nice

  • Anonymous

Xiomi targeting up.

Prices are jacked up.

  • Anonymous

Xiaomi on a roll

  • Anonymous

xiaomi is king 💪

  • Steve

"The Buds 3 Pro will cost €70 in Europe."

It's at 25€ on AliExpress right now for France!

Looks very promising and interesting well done Xiaomi.