Microsoft Surface Duo 2 leak shows triple camera setup

26 July 2021
The device is also said to come with a Snapdragon 888 and could debut around September-October.

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  • mozzle toff

jkay, 29 Jul 2021Wrong, it's a very interesting phone. There was a lot... moreGet out of town you lunatic! The only "interesting" part of this phone is why Microsoft priced it so high in the first place! If they want to (excuse the pun) crack the market then they need a better design and much better quality materials or reduce the price to at least half of it's RRP.

  • jkay

Spike, 28 Jul 2021So Microsoft thought they will sell more of this phone alth... moreWrong, it's a very interesting phone. There was a lot of anticipation around the first release. They just dropped the ball in a few areas, spec wise it underperformed competition. After a couple iterations, this phone can be a very persuasive buy for a lot of people. I'm very interested to see what improvements they made.

  • Anon

Pls. Microsoft, add dual sim and high refresh display.

  • Spike

So Microsoft thought they will sell more of this phone although it wasn't interesting from the beginning withmore bezels than screen!!??

One look tells you it's Fisher Price

YUKI93, 27 Jul 2021The Axon M itself cost $749 when it was brand new. To make ... moreThat's expensive, although still significantly cheaper than the Duo. But the exclusivity sucks.

I really hope foldables become popular enough so that there will be foldable mid-rangers, that would be awesome.

Anonymous, 26 Jul 2021spyware duo Lol, and Scroogle isn't? Scroogle is even more notorious with spyware than Microsoft. Google doesn't even bother to give a Telemetry option, unlike Microsoft.

Tonberry, 27 Jul 2021The Duo was really nice, and even wanted to buy it, but the... moreThe Axon M itself cost $749 when it was brand new. To make matters worse, it was an AT&T exclusive smartphone with no Unlocked option.

  • Anonymous

360 hinge? more like can't open to the max with that camera bump

  • Anonymous

Not 360 anymore with that huge cam, weird

  • Steve

Anonymous, 27 Jul 2021Same weak hinges as the original...Are you kidding me? No one does hinges better than Microsoft

The Duo was really nice, and even wanted to buy it, but the price was absolutely insane.

It seemed like a perfect phone for someone who also likes to read stuff like manga on the go. But it was basically a more current Axon M. The Axon M didn't have an insane price like that when it was new.

  • ed

is someone will buy this?

  • Anonymous

Same weak hinges as the original...

  • ShinnyPolymer

Anonymous, 27 Jul 2021Microsoft likes to dump money into bad ideas.New Microsoft slogan :

"Dump money into bad ideas"

  • Anonymous

Microsoft: "Hey, the first one did so well, we should make another one!"

Specs I care for: jack, cameras. It finally got to 50% of my requirements, from zero.

  • Anonymous

Kuba, 27 Jul 2021to those negative commentators: you obviously didn't u... moreIt doesn't look modern to me and it looks weird. It's too big to be a phone and the displays are too small to be a tablet. It's just a strange form factor. How are you even meant to use it and what is it good for?

  • Kuba

to those negative commentators: you obviously didn't use first Duo. It's a marvelous device and concept is brilliant! The only flaw was camera, which now will be improved. Trust me, its much much better than samsung fold, and will last much longer. Reliable foldable screens are still years ahead.

  • Anonymous

So the leak is suggesting the phone won't invert fully for single-screen mode? The whole appeal of this phone was the hinge engineering - it was unrivaled. If the two halves won't rest flush against each other, it'll definitely feel far less premium in an already ultra-competitive market against other foldables that are already running laps around the Surface Duo in almost everyone's opinion.