Nokia C30 and 6310 go official alongside a bunch of true wireless earbuds

26 July 2021
The 6310 keeps the nostalgia train going, the C30 is the new king of the entry-level.

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  • consceouse

Nokia... still makes the best phones based on design, quality and usage, in my opinion. However, one thing though.... With devices like the 6310 (2021), which I think is a really awesome re-make or the original, why choose 2G support over 4G and no WiFi? It would make the phone much more useful for a broader user group who like to use devices like this over a smartphone. Added that many countries are dropping their 2G networks more and more. The Nokia 110 is even more simple and that once comes with 4G support. So... It would be a wiser idea for marketing and sales purposes to launch such devices standard with 4G.

  • Nok

Anonymous, 28 Jul 2021Could be game changer if got 4G supportTotally agree

  • Anonymous

C30 with microusb and android go is a crime. 7" screen? xD

  • Anonymous

Could be game changer if got 4G support

  • Anonymous

Meh... the new "Nokia 6310" doesn't even look the same as the old 6310. How can it be said as "nostalgia"?

  • Anonymous

They should try 4G feature phone with wifi hotspot

  • Anonymous

Jakab, 27 Jul 2021C30 10w charging for 6000mah = Fail 6310 2g like really al... moreIf the Battery is very great it's worth

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Jul 2021I just dont understand what is the point of 6.86 inch scree... moreYeah we want 1080p 5,5 inch smartphones back.

  • cyber

the old one 6310 was a rock solid phone,ive doubt this one will be

C30 10w charging for 6000mah = Fail
6310 2g like really also rubbish camera = Fail

  • Alphabet

Which countries will be the 'selected market' for this Nokia phones??

  • poop

HMD churning out those huge el cheapo garbage like any generic mediocre chinese brand. Hilarious. Android ONE is just to save costs on software side. Android one is a pain.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Jul 2021I know the C30 is supposed to be cheap, but lol charging a ... moreI think you would only charge a battery like this overnight, unless you have heavy usage, which I also doubt anyone buying this phone should have

Likes of 6310 but with 48/108mp camera would be great for those wanting buttons but also some quality camera. Wonder if there is something like that out there, I know at least of 1 person wanting this.

Doesn't make sense. The Nokia 110 is 4G but the better 6310 is 2G? C30 is way too big

  • YoloBS

series 30+ in touch screen ? , why not old s40 or symbian os ?
i hope they bring back some old qwerty phone too

  • Anonymous

I know the C30 is supposed to be cheap, but lol charging a 6000mah battery at 10watts is too much of the good even for me, and I don't mind slow charging most of the time.

Also again a HUGE screen with low resolution..., just make the screen smaller then.

just go and buy redmi 8a dual/pro you get type c, better soc, better os and full feature than android go, cheaper than nokia.

What happened to good ol'd 5'5 Inches😥😥😢

  • Anonymous

I just dont understand what is the point of 6.86 inch screen with 720p+ screen ?
Never mind the cpu that is probably close to as useless as the android go phones have it and judging by the ram it probably will come with that Android Go.

HMD have no flagship phones and only the most low end with premium middle class price range. As they are still in business that means that there are still too much of people out there who are not interested on what they get from a phone and buy it blindly cause it has a Nokia sticker on it. Just dumb sheep's who are willing to pay more to get way less