Nothing ear (1) review

29 July 2021

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  • hades

People calling it a knock off - Once the wheel is created, it is easy to claim that newer variants of same are a knock off. Fact is that its partly transparent, and it takes effort to do that. Designwise i say its better than airpods in terms of effort put up. But there is a question was it required? I think it was necessary just to get noticed in a heap of such devices.

Overly Hyped - Surely but that is important in an already saturated market so its up to us whether we buy products based on hype or we actually test it and experience it.

ANC - Review should not be the deciding factor. May be the reviewer did not have perfect fit but I felt ANC to be ok. Very similar to airpods pro. Just a slight bit difference, which goes in favor of both apple and nothing. Apple is definitely better in terms of ANC but Nothing ear 1 is nearly comparable which is a great deal for the price at which it is offered.

Comfort - Better than most. But a large mass of people out there prefers in ear with out a silicon cushion. Many are not shifting on to air pod pro because of same reason. Same goes here, air vents at the back help in maintaining / releasing the pressure but people who feel it will definitely find it uncomfortable in a few minutes of usage.

Sound quality - TE have done a good job. and people who are claiming that its not good either have listened to moonlight, or other high-end earphones like shure for too long. (if not then they only have hearing losses due to extensive usage of earphones in the past). Sound quality is really appreciable for the price.

beyond that its all hype. there are other earphones by smaller players at similar pricetag which are quite similar in performance.

Suck Yu, 31 Jul 2021and yet you couldn't recognise the difference in sound... more100 yuan, so.... USD $15? It wouldn't have hurt for you to convert it?

Even a $200-400 CIEM like Moondrop Blessing 2 Dusk can outperform any TWS of any price range.

  • Ricky

Last week bought a pair. Shit battery life. In 20 minutes of use battery comes down to 20% . sometimes right Head phone doesn't charge more then 60%. Such a bad experience. Don't recommend to anyone.

yalim, 30 Jul 2021anyone who cannot afford cx400btThey are literally the same price...

  • Suck Yu

S Yu, 31 Jul 2021My pair of CIEMs costs ~$800, even the cable costs nearly t... moreand yet you couldn't recognise the difference in sound between your "CIEMs" and 100 yuan aliexpress buds

  • Anonymous

Great review GSMArena! Very comprehensive and informative, which is more than most tech reviewers can say when reviewing audio products.

Wintermoon, 30 Jul 2021The comments here don't count. Full of broke samsung f... moreMy pair of CIEMs costs ~$800, even the cable costs nearly twice as this, now what kind of broke fanboy are you?

Hmmm, for all the hype about Nothing this made a very little splash.

If y'all want to be any objective about earphone reviews, get at least an iec 60318-4 compliant coupler and post frequency response measurements. Else, all this is mostly hocus pocus and not befitting your name at all.

  • LordOfTunes

Amazing review bro. It is amazing piece of tech for the price but don't seem like a worthy upgrade from Jabra 65T. Thanks for the detailed review. 🎉

  • hr

what the f.............

  • ali

its good but i not like it

  • gam33

God, 30 Jul 2021That is because these earphones are targeted at Indian mark... morei wouldn't go there if i were you with the Germans have better musical tastes thing. We all know you are paying $200 for the sound and $400 for the brand. Some people call it "better musical taste" but most people call it "ripped off"

  • Anonymous

Nore, 30 Jul 2021the performer earbuds doesn't even have ANC, and this ... more"However, the ANC on the ear (1) does mostly nothing against the mid and high-frequency noise. The sound of people chattering nearby, the clacking of your keyboard, and the pattering of rain are largely left untouched."
As someone who has used ANC headphones and earbuds, this is pretty much the same as having no ANC at all. Again, just like Raycon: overpromising, underdelivering, and overcharging.
At $99, I'm sure there are way better options on the market.

  • Wintermoon

The comments here don't count. Full of broke samsung fanboys that have never seen these kinds of beautiful tech,

  • God

Anonymous, 29 Jul 2021I'm so in love with the looks of these. Especially the... moreThat is because these earphones are targeted at Indian market. Germans have sophisticated musical tastes and they preferer brands such as B&O and Sennheiser.

  • random

Anonymous, 30 Jul 2021Good luck on telling the kids your buying them Nothing for ... morehahahaha, loved this

  • Anonymous

Good luck on telling the kids your buying them Nothing for there birthday or Christmas

Literally nothing interesting... all that hype for medicore earphones with cheap sound, really bad battery life and big case that will definitely get yellowish and scratched after few months not to mention annoying capacitive touch that never work properly and one of worst codec support...

just the hissing sound from the treble alone tell me not to waste money and time on this tws not with standing the other issues