S Pen Pro details surface, including pricing

31 July 2021
It will be twice as expensive as the standard S Pen.

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I am not sure if thats possible. At least in near future.
Hinge has so many parts which make folding possible. Not sure how we can stuck S Pen into that. I think in future we might have a slot just like Note series.

  • PepperPot

Bigmeme, 31 Jul 2021Not everyone's okay with shitty audio quality. And it&... moreShitty is an extreme exaggeration. You must have been buying those Bluetooth buds off Amazon. They may look different and may sport a different mark but they are the same buds underneath.

  • PiCosm

Having owned an iPad Pro 1st Gen whose Apple Pencil had to be charged using Lightning cable or socket, it was a disaster. Hope you don't have to plug the S-Pen pro into anything to charge it! It should use wireless charging like the current S-Pen and 2nd Gen Apple Pencil.

  • PiCosm

Fact it won't slot into the hinge/bind of the Fold 3 is a major con. You will need to keep the S Pen elsewhere or buy the case.

  • Anonymous

PorkHotdog, 31 Jul 2021Omg there's literally zero reason to hold on to 3.5mm ... moreAdvance to get lesser quality (and feature)?
Tbh i feel something odd with some people who okay to think lets pay more but get less (happened on nowdays flagship phone)
But yeah, there are many people out there, can't complain

  • Anonymous

Dometalican, 31 Jul 2021If you're good with bleh mp3 quality music, all the po... moreindeed
- on board audiophile grade dac
- on board 2x audiophile monoblock amplifier
- ofc cables and gold plated jack
- in ear 3 drivers audiophile monitor
- 8000 mAh battery
straight out from the box

  • Anonymous

captain fokou, 31 Jul 2021Well, that's what we asked for 4 years ago with the mo... moreindeed SSG Capt.Fokou, many thanks for pointing it out, most appreciated, but, even the industries must bend to the big brothers will, and the market are choked with unnecessary products and updates and non sense marketing for the citizen of earth paying for such gadgets ... they say ... customer is king ... such nonsense ... they dont care what customer wants, they want every human bend to their will

  • Anonymous

marbles, 31 Jul 2021You forgot the camera module sold separately Samsung was p... moreyes Mnp Marbles, i forgot the camera, many thanks for point it out, most appreciated

Sa, basically, you tell me that I could sell my Note10+ S Pen for 70 quid right now ? hahaha

  • Krjal

Yronk, 31 Jul 2021maybe its charging for bluetooth gesture function only..but... moreSamsung has said it will be compatible with Note and Galaxy S phones that support s-pen so it has to include an EMR digitiser that won't need the battery.

My guess is that the USB recharging is due to there not being a practical magnetic/wireless charge spot for it on the Fold.

here's an idea. make it so the damn thing can't snap in half so easily

  • Anonymous

Samsung, please give us the one that Yondu has.. :D

Adegbenro, 31 Jul 2021Yeah. I'm still holding onto my Note 10 Plus(and still... moreThe problem is Snapdragon version doesn't support multiple european networks so you might lose 5G or even LTE depending on which country you are in. I have the Note 20 Ultra exynos version and altough the phone itself is fantastic, it's true it overheats a lot when gaming.

Swarley1, 31 Jul 2021I Use note devices since the note 3, in those days, the s ... moreYeah. I'm still holding onto my Note 10 Plus(and still loving it) and hoping there will actually be a Galaxy Note Ultra next year. If not I might have to order the Snapdragon model of the Note 20 Ultra.

nanoprog, 31 Jul 2021i honestly don't know why they had to eff up the wirel... moremaybe its charging for bluetooth gesture function only..but writing doesnt need charge to operate

S Yu, 31 Jul 2021I would only ask for passthrough, not BT, because attemptin... morei honestly don't know why they had to eff up the wireless or case charging of the pen. stabbing an almost 100gbp object to death via the charging port...

a) carrying multiple cables for charging or
b) back and forth switching your only charging cable when say you even have a dex setup

someone was clearly left unsupervised when this design decision went through..

nanoprog, 31 Jul 2021a pen on a leash.. while we are at the 3.5 jack topic t... moreI would only ask for passthrough, not BT, because attempting to write with the audio attached(literally pen on a leash) would probably result in a very severe stethoscope effect, and the size of the pen precludes a sensible battery size and any proper circuitry, so, pen *or* 3.5mm, but not simultaneously, I could still live with that.
But if that doesn't happen I'm probably going Asus or Sony next time I upgrade.

Mike.M, 31 Jul 2021SAMSUNG - Please give us better S-Pen Cases for S21 ULTRA. ... moreand rugged pen too from titanium! divers could use it underwater too and have discount on with certificate and would need to spend less on lead weights :)

a pen on a leash..

while we are at the 3.5 jack topic too, why not make that coming from the pen too?!

it could have 2 cables coming from it: one for audio, one from charge and the power source could be an S power bank

of course it would bulk it up a little but oh my G would it not be exclusive?! an inch thick S crayon!!!

the Pro and Ultra version could have led lightning on it and 10 new physical buttons too!

the Edge version could have softer sides with bigger surfaces edge to edge for those with larger hands!!

please Sammy! pleaseee!

(i think my pills are lost somewhere with the clipboard manager when i smart selected..)

SAMSUNG - Please give us better S-Pen Cases for S21 ULTRA. Rugged ones with better endge protection and grip.