Samsung Galaxy A20 is getting Android 11-based One UI 3.1 update in the US

03 August 2021
The update comes with the July 2021 Android security patch.

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  • Anonymous
  • fuM
  • 03 Jul 2022

Azharmalik , 08 Jun 2022My phone no apdateMy phone has not received update

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    • Azharmalik
    • 6p{
    • 08 Jun 2022

    Ridou, 01 Feb 2022My phone is not update plz helpMy phone no apdate

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      • Abubkr123
      • 4H5
      • 21 Mar 2022

      Hi dear my phone is updated problem you can solve this problem please

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        • Ridou
        • XZc
        • 01 Feb 2022

        My phone is not update plz help

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          • Anonymous
          • t7B
          • 03 Dec 2021

          Kenneth, 24 Oct 2021I dont get why its October and i still have android 10 and ... moreMe too. Slow rollout

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            • Kenneth
            • j{L
            • 24 Oct 2021

            I dont get why its October and i still have android 10 and t mobile hasnt released the update to me yet

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              • Anonymous
              • IbG
              • 05 Sep 2021

              Jim h, 03 Sep 2021I wouldn't hold your breath on boost updating this pho... moreI have not got the update at all

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                • Jim h
                • 4Yt
                • 03 Sep 2021

                Aphexvape, 10 Aug 2021I doubt they're convinced because you have it. Are you... moreI wouldn't hold your breath on boost updating this phone anytime soon,I just chatted with a agent today,I was told I'd need to talk to a device specialist to possibly get it updated, as for me I'm probably going to switch to a different provider.

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                  • 0at
                  • 24 Aug 2021

                  Just got the update on SM-A205U1 unlocked but did not check until today, when charging the phone. Actually family member is using that phone, and I charge it for them, when needed. I used to have it as my phone. It updated to one ui 3.1. I thought midrange phones do not get the x.1 version, just x.0. Not complaing just confused. Thought only flagships get the higher version.

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                    • Anonymous
                    • 7kp
                    • 20 Aug 2021

                    Some settings automatically goes to default settings ie., if we select dark mode after some time it will goes to light mode in display option and performance also decreased

                      I doubt they're convinced because you have it. Are you even on boost mobile? I am, and have a galaxy A20. Guess what? It's still android 10. Not everyone gets the update. It depends on the carrier and boost mobile really takes the crap cake for worst mobile service provider. They're not interested in timely updates.

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                        • Iniesta RSA
                        • rjx
                        • 08 Aug 2021

                        My new Android 11 somehow has a problem I hope I can get assistance on that.

                        I updated it to the latest version. I have a Samsung A20 and my gallery does not open so is my camera.
                        Does anyone know what to do in this case?

                          rizki1, 03 Aug 2021Almost $200 phones, it must get this update. Meanwhile Xiao... moremy old samsung m01 also got android 11 ( with one ui 3) in April 2021 , two month early( it was supposed to get the update in June). Samsung is good at providing updates ahead of time.

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                            • NsB
                            • 06 Aug 2021

                            Anonymous, 05 Aug 2021Crazy because I have the A20 (boost mobile version) and I&#... moreConvinced yet?I got one ui 3.1 and android 11 on my a20 on the 4th of August

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                              • Haddy
                              • ITL
                              • 05 Aug 2021

                              Yeah Samsung A20 android got 11 update
                              But why my device isn't updating?

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                                • Anonymous
                                • Ycx
                                • 05 Aug 2021

                                Crazy because I have the A20 (boost mobile version) and I'm still on the april security patch considering we're now in August. Not too convinced if I'm ever going to receive the One UI 3.0 update.

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                                  • gWL
                                  • 04 Aug 2021

                                  Anonymous, 03 Aug 2021yeah but what about tmobile USA only one's that didn&#... moreDownload the Android 11 firmware for the SM-A205U (US model A20) and then use Odin (flashing tool for Samsung devices) to flash it to the phone. If you try to flash firmware for SM-A205G, SM-A205F etc. you'll probably mess up your phone. XDA Developers has more info on how to manually update Samsung phones.

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • k@B
                                    • 03 Aug 2021

                                    yeah but what about tmobile USA only one's that didn't even get the last android 10 update for these phones smh...anybody have an idea how to update them manually, tmobile even allows u to unlock your phone so not sure why it just doesn't update

                                      AnonD-1003038, 03 Aug 2021I guess it takes as many months to receive Android 11 as th... moreAsk Sony that, or, maybe, try Moto. 🤡

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                                        • pocox3pro
                                        • 04C
                                        • 03 Aug 2021

                                        lol. upodate = slower phone