Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE in for review

08 August 2021
It's Samsung's take at a more affordable alternative to its flagship Tab S7+.

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MuscularRival, 25 Dec 2021Where is the full review which you said would follow?Update: I found it

    Where is the full review which you said would follow?

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      • 30 Aug 2021

      Sam, 25 Aug 2021Compared to my huawei mediapad m5 lite samsung tab s7 fe di... moreWhat nonsense you talking about? S7 using ILPS display. That don't burn in. Only Amoled 😑

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        • Sam
        • pE7
        • 25 Aug 2021

        Compared to my huawei mediapad m5 lite samsung tab s7 fe display is amazing! And it doesnt get burn in like s7 and s7 plus

          Utter waste for this Price. 1 year old ipad air 4 far better.

            Too expensive. Better tabs are available in less price

              Dont buy the 5g ($650) ver., buy the wifi ver. Instead, it has a better sd 778g and starts at $530,

              Otherwise go for the tab s6 instead

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                • fren
                • KSC
                • 08 Aug 2021

                this why Samsung is losing customers - 650€ they are better specs tablet out there. TFT SCREEN plus a lower spec processor is already not worth that kind of money

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                  • 08 Aug 2021

                  I have skipped innumerable articles about this tablet ,even though I like Samsung, I think it is "scammy" level of bad for the asking price. S6 lite much much better....(though exynos SoC)


                    4GB RAM WITH 64 GB STORAGE AS BASE MODEL ,WTF

                    JUST TFT WITH NO 120 OR 90 HERTZ REFRESH RATE Although the same chipset supports 120 hertz on Samsung galaxy A52 5G

                    Why a midrange chipset ? snapdragon 750G, WHY

                    stereo speakers (2 speakers) instead of Quad speakers

                    This Tablet is major disappointment

                    Don't buy it .. Buy Ipad pro or Samsung galaxy tab s7, that's it

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                      • snT
                      • 08 Aug 2021

                      650€ for this?!! no thanks.. for less money you can buy awesome 2in1 Chromebook 2021.

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                        • 7kk
                        • 08 Aug 2021

                        Really pathetic pricing for the specs!!
                        As a saying goes-there are no bad products, just bad pricing.
                        Really not sure what Sammy is thinking about these FE products

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                          • ucy
                          • 08 Aug 2021

                          Anonymous, 08 Aug 2021please don't buy this 650 dollar garbage when you can ... moreNot everyone can just casually "pay $400 more" and get themselves a nice S7+, as much as we would all like to.

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                            • 08 Aug 2021

                            Sony shouldn't have stopped making tablets, the last XZ4 Tablet was really great, great screen, speakers and waterproof ... It's unfortunate

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                              • 08 Aug 2021

                              Mykl.Pluto, 08 Aug 2021Any reason why I should choose this over the iPad Air?Do not buy this Tablet!
                              Samsung wants to cheat its consummers by charging a disproportionate price to a midrange Tablet.
                              Buy the the regular Tab S7 instead or if you like iPad OS system, the iPad Air 4 also is much better deal.

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                                • 08 Aug 2021

                                Mykl.Pluto, 08 Aug 2021Any reason why I should choose this over the iPad Air?the S7+ has a much faster flagship processor opposed to midrange specs on the S7 FE, twice the RAM, more storage, a MUCH better HDR10+ 120Hz QHD OLED screen as opposed to a regular lcd on the FE, the stylus also presumably has lower latency and it's overall a much better experience

                                S7 also has underscreen fingerprint (not sure if the FE even has biometrics) and support for WiFi 6 if you happen to need those as well

                                apart from that these are identical devices
                                same screen size
                                same battery size
                                similar weight
                                similar feel
                                same speakers and charging speeds
                                its just that the FE is absurdly overpriced and should be 500 at most

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                                  • 08 Aug 2021

                                  Mykl.Pluto, 08 Aug 2021Any reason why I should choose this over the iPad Air?please don't buy this 650 dollar garbage when you can find the S7+ for 400 with insanely better specs

                                  and if you are already invested in or familiar with apple and ios/ipados there's really no good reason to switch

                                  but if you want to then anyways for samsung tablets some reasons to pick them over ipads would be better multitasking (supports up to 3 apps now just like the galaxy fold and you can force anys apps to be split screen compatible since this is android),

                                  DeX (turns your tablet interface into a desktop interface and you can launch applications into resizeable windows just like a normal laptop),

                                  good integration with windows PCs or samsung devices if you have any (such as being able to make it a secondary display, clipboard/screenshot synchronization and the whole 'quick share' thing)

                                  and the good things about android in general (emulation, proper file management, widgets and customization)

                                  oh and it's very good for media consumption because 16:10 screen as opposed to 3:2 (or 4:3 i forgot the ipads ratio)

                                  if you're worried about app support android has matured a lot and there are now nice note taking and art apps available for tablets now like flexcil, squid, goodnotes, samsung notes, ibis paint x, clip studio paint (i think it comes free with the tablet along with the usual youtube premium and spotify premium deals Samsung has)

                                    Any reason why I should choose this over the iPad Air?

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                                      • 3IJ
                                      • 08 Aug 2021

                                      They couldn't find a worse screen than TFT to use it on tablet... Tho LCD screen is meant for budget devices why dont they use it instead.