Motorola Edge 20 series India launch teased

07 August 2021
The Edge 20 lineup was unveiled last week.

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  • Lj$
  • 08 Aug 2021

Derick Abraham, 08 Aug 2021Finally a AMOLED from motorla. Looka like my next phone. ... moreMotorola has used oled since under google management.
At least for most expensive models.

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    • ntJ
    • 08 Aug 2021

    Whats with the huge screens moto ? Good phones but very impractical to use and carry around.

      Akashraj, 07 Aug 2021Too bad it will get only one OS upgrade at a time when sams... moreLol. Samsung is updating phones with bloatwares. They are updating it for their own profit.
      Oneplus doing updates to degrade the performance anf make us to buy a new one. Also now they are adding additional permissions and data exchange policies in their phones just like a oppo phone.

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        • vGG
        • 08 Aug 2021

        [deleted post] true that

          Finally a AMOLED from motorla.
          Looka like my next phone. SD778 & AMOLED 😘

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            • tT2
            • 08 Aug 2021

            The Android Freak, 08 Aug 2021It was dimensity 720. Gsmarena printed something else. yup

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              • rAZ
              • 08 Aug 2021

              Please Release a In-Depth Review of edge 20 Lite, whenever they launch it in your country!
              I'm interested in Lite version!

                Other companies give higher capacity battery as you go up but motorola had it backwards

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                  • 08 Aug 2021

                  Akashraj, 07 Aug 2021Too bad it will get only one OS upgrade at a time when sams... moreIt's the Youtubers who are sponsored to quote about OS support by the respective manufacturers. Most people do fine not updating their Chinese phone for years

                    Anonymous, 07 Aug 2021true, but since a52, m52 launch is nowhere near i ll have t... moreThis is better than A52 for the price. I hope Motorola launches a three versions in India.

                      Anonymous, 07 Aug 2021the lite version is having a sd 720g ? is that a mistake? i... moreIt was dimensity 720. Gsmarena printed something else.

                        Anonymous, 07 Aug 2021Nice hope for 3 updates2 updates max at the best.

                          Satish, 07 Aug 2021I cant buy anything other than Moto and I didnt have any op... moreI was a moto x4 user and i really liked it. I was checking for something between 20-30k and not much option was there. Moto g5g lacked oled display and so i went with samsung m51 8gb variant for 25k

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                            • vasya
                            • 7kp
                            • 08 Aug 2021

                            Please keep the weight to minimum.

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                              • AnonD-909757
                              • pZV
                              • 08 Aug 2021

                              This will surprise those who know how much I dislike curved edge displays.
                              But I really think Motorola should have kept them for all the Edge phones, after all, it is literally in the name.
                              What I don't like is when flagship almost automatically comes with curved edges, but what I would like is for phones to have variations, and Motorola already have a quite diverse list of phones with a lot of various features.
                              But it is quite messy...

                              They should make few phones for each main price categories and make variations upon those, in which case, the Edge would be the special curved edge variant.
                              Considering they already release a lot of models per year, doing this from a unique modular build platform would make them save a lot of time, resources and money for an even better result (people will understand what each phone name mean).

                              As Mrwhosetheboss explained, LG demise was because they didn't have any brand identity, they never stick to anything, in fact it was a niche like brand who didn't force users with all the mainstream things, until they started to make phones being basically the same as the rest of the market, which is where everything got wrong for them, as it was still only appreciated by a specific audience who actually liked them for their difference.
                              On top of having a confusing naming system, though a lot of brands have a confusing one except those like Sony or Apple who don't release many models per years...

                              And Motorola might join LG by unknowingly repeating the same mistake...
                              That is, most features shouldn't be locked to a certain price range, but rather spread logically for offering diversity.

                              From there, it is a no-brainer that using a modular/common building platform, having variations almost costing no extra to make, it can easily be handled by producing more or less units of X or Y unconventional variation in accordance to the demand.

                              This would be the best for both the brands and the customers.

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                                • Prem
                                • rJ7
                                • 07 Aug 2021

                                Finally.... I'm eagerly waiting for the moto phones with OLED screen in budget segment but they did it far better way that I thought 144hrz refresh rate n 556 touch sampling rate with 10bit display... impressed. But big disappointed is that no stereo speakers. Hope it will launch early as possible

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                                  • mvI
                                  • 07 Aug 2021

                                  Anonymous, 07 Aug 2021Nice hope for 3 updatesDream on.

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                                    • vGU
                                    • 07 Aug 2021

                                    Nice hope for 3 updates

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                                      • Satish
                                      • 7k4
                                      • 07 Aug 2021

                                      I cant buy anything other than Moto and I didnt have any option in 25K-30K price range. I was eagerly waiting for this launch to replace my 4 year old phone. But hey, I've read that it no more comes with stock Android, which means even Moto don't qualify for my purchase? 😲

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                                        • Lucifer
                                        • CbB
                                        • 07 Aug 2021

                                        Motorola done great job this time