Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3's Eco2OLED display saves energy, improves the UPC cam

16 August 2021
By removing the polarizer layer, Samsung improved the light transmittance of the display, which helps the Under Panel Camera and battery life.

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  • Anonymous

Bring MicroLED already, should we wait another 20 years????

  • Anonymous

is it better than S21 Ultra display

We can appreciate the efforts to making things better though.
Every progress, no matter how small, is still progress.
Under display fingerprint scanners were also not that good at the beginning, but these little progressions helped make them as good as what they are now.
In a few years, under-display front cameras will be equally as good as any other front camera today without having that annoying screen cutout.

  • Anony

And they reduced the battery 100mAh vs Fold 2, douchebags

Underdisplay camera, a tech so bad you are forced to adapt all the techs around it in order for it to get from awful to barely acceptable.
But yeah, I am the hater and this tech is wonderful, I know, I know... 🤣

  • IfuReply2meUrGEI

Jobaz, 16 Aug 2021idgafYou just did....


  • Anonymous

Chinese screen makers copying in 3...2....1 !!!!